Сигнальні слова для визначення відовременние форми дієслова

  1. A. Виберіть правильну форму дієслова.
  2. Ex.11. Заповніть пропуски, вибравши слова з рамки.
  3. Ex.6. Заповніть пропуски, вибравши слова з рамки.
  4. I. Заповніть пропуски словами з рамки на підставі інформації тексту.
  5. I. Різноманіття характеристик гри. Проблеми вихідного визначення
  6. I. Знайдіть в текстах слова, які вживаються у такому значенні (1-10).
  7. I. Прочитайте слова, дотримуючись правил читання голосних букв і буквосполучень.
 Present Simpleusually, often, seldom, always, normally, regularly, occasionally, sometimes, from time to time, once (twice, three times) a week, every week (day, year)  Past Simpleyesterday, the day before yesterday, last week (month, year), a week (a month, a year) ago, in 2005  Future Simpletomorrow, the day after tomorrow, soon, next week (month, year) in a week (a month, a year), in 2020
 Present Progressivenow, at the moment, still, while  Past Progressiveat 5 o'clock, at noon, at midnight, at that moment all day long, all day yesterday, all the time, the whole evening, from 5 to 8, when I came (Past Simple)  Future Progressiveat 5 o'clock, at noon, at midnight, at that moment all day long, all day tomorrow, all the time, the whole evening, from 5 to 8, when I come (Present Simple)
 Present Perfectjust, already, yet, ever, never, today, this week (month, year), lately, recently, up to now, many times, so far, before  Past Perfectbefore, by 5 o'clock, by Saturday, by the 15th of September, by the end of the year, by that timewhen I came (Past Simple)  Future Perfectby 5 o'clock, by Saturday, by the 15th of September, by the end of the year, by that timewhen I come (Present Simple)
 Present Perfect Progressivefora long timesince 5 o'clockhow long ...?  Past Perfect Progressivefora long timesince 5 o'clockhow long ...?  Future Perfect Progressivefora long timesince 5 o'clockhow long ...?

Завдання до блоку 2.1.

Виберіть один із запропонованих варіантів відповіді.

1. Where (Are you going / do you go)? - To the library. Would you like to join me?

2. Do you need these books? - No, I (Have read / have been reading) them already.

3. Is it Mr. Cook? He (Looks / is looking) so different in this dark suit.

4. It is clear to me that my time for action (Has come / comes).

5. Look, I (Am / am being) sincere with you. Your chances to get this position are high.

6. The company (Is owning / owns) a great number of supermarkets.

7. We are all here now except Mr. Dickens who still (Is having / has) lunch.

8. Have you seen my briefcase? I (Am looking / have been looking) for it all morning.

9. What's the matter? Why (Are you shouting / have you been shouting) at me like that?

10. Is Mr. Alison in the office? - I do not know. I (Have not seen / do not see) him all day.

2.1.2. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи слова дієслово в одному зі справжніх часів.

1. The students often (attend) Courses in foreign languages ??to get a better knowledge of English.

2. They (learn) The French language since last year.

3. I (not see) You for ages. What you (do)?

4. A good brand (guarantee) A certain level of quality to customers.

5. I (know) Mr. Peacock all my life and we always (be) Good business partners.

6. This notice is too high for me to read. What it (say)?

7. Do not rush me. I (work) As fast as I can.

8. The technician (repair) The copy-machine. He (work) At it for an hour or so.

9. My friend (apply) For jobs without success for months.

10. It's only 11 o'clock but the secretary already (type) Ten business letters.

11. I (type) This report since yesterday and I (not finish) it yet.

12. I (not like) The new office manager, she continually (bother) Me with silly questions.

13. I see you (write) Letters of complaint all the morning. Is it the last letter you (write) Now?

14. Peter says his sister (be) Very tired recently. She (work) Almost sixty hours a week for the past month.

15. I have an appointment with Mrs. Ranch. Can I see her? - I'm sorry, you can not, she still (have) Her lunch.

Виберіть один із запропонованих варіантів відповіді.

1. While I (had / was having) Supper I (looked / was looking) Through newspapers.

2. How long ago (had you taken / did you take) Optional courses?

3. Mr. Billboard (had been thinking / thought) Over his decision during the last three days.

4. His assistant (typed / was typing) A letter when the telephone (rang / was ringing).

5. When (did she choose / had she chosen) To take a course in economics?

6. When I (looked / was looking) For the papers, I suddenly remembered I (left / had left) Them on my table at home.

7. Mr. Bronx (was / had been) Rector of the University for twenty five years before he (had retired / retired).

8. Yesterday I (phoned / had phoned) The bank about my deposits.

9. The applicants were happy to hear that they (passed / had passed) The centralized test successfully.

10. When I (arrived / was arriving) At the station Mr. Pick (waited / was waiting) For me.

2.1.4. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи слова дієслово в одному з минулих часів.

1. I (not see) That information before the meeting, so it (put) Me at a disadvantage during the discussion.

2. My colleague (read) Some economic magazine while I (look) Through a book in management.

3. I already (hear) The latest news before she (communicate) It to me.

4. At the time I (be) Eighteen I (study) English for four years.

5. Freddy (not give) Any explanation why he (be) Often late for work.

6. She (keep) Her job although the manager (threaten) To dismiss her several times.

7. I (send) Her an e-mail just to see how things (go).

8. When we (get) To the airport, we (hear) That they (cancel) All the flights.

9. Sophie (confess) That she (make) A mistake and (apologize).

10. Susie was in poor mood as she (not manage) To prepare for her English exam.

11. The chairman constantly (interrupt) The speakers before they (finish).

12. They (close down) The factory because it (not get) Profits for years.

13. We (make) A careful study of all the clauses before we (sign) The contract.

14. When I (get) Back after lunch, my secretary (tell) Me that somebody (phone) When I (be) Out.

15. As soon as I (speak) To the engineer, I (realize) There had been a misunderstanding.

Виберіть один із запропонованих варіантів відповіді.

1. Surely, Marry (will get / is getting) The job. She has a lot of experience.

2. Johann is not free on Saturday. She (will work / is working).

3. I can not meet you tomorrow afternoon. (I'm having / I'll have) Business lunch with our perspective partners.

4. They (will have moved / will be moving) To their new office by January.

5. Tomorrow (I'll interview / I'll be interviewing) Candidates all morning.

6. When the contract (is / will be) Ready, I'll let you know.

7. I wonder if he (will recognise / recognises) You. He has not seen you for over a year.

8. I've just checked your flight details. Your plane for London (leaves / is leaving) At 9 p.m. - Can you find out what time the airport bus (leaves / will be leaving)?

9. Remember to give her the faxes when she (comes back / will come back). - OK. I (am not going to forget / will not forget).

10. I do not want to go to that official meeting alone. (Are you coming / Will you come) With me?

2.1.6. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи слова дієслово в одному зі справжніх або майбутніх часів.

1. By the end of the week we (finalize) the agenda of our meeting.

2. Did you post that letter for me? - Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I (Do) it right now.

3. By this time next week I (work) On this project for a year.

4. Do you think you still (Do) the same job in ten years 'time?

5. We (Repay) the bank loan by September.

6. I (Let) you know as soon as I (Finish) the annual report.

7. If you need to contact me, I (Stay) at the Hilton Hotel until Saturday.

8. In the future video-conferences (replace) many international meetings.

9. I'm not expecting any visitors, but if someone (To come) while I (be) Out, could you say that I (To be) back at 6 o'clock?

10. Mark has applied for the job but he is not qualified for it. I (Be) surprised if he (Get) it.

11. Jennie is on holiday and she is spending her money very quickly. If she continues like this, she (Spend) all her money before the end of her holiday.

12. Do not phone me between 5 and 7. I (Prepare) for the conference then.

13. We (Have) our weekly meeting tomorrow instead of Friday.

14. They (to leave) The station when they (to lose) The sight of the train.

15. We (to discuss) The terms of the contract more fully at our personal meeting.

2.1.7. Поставте присудок в форму, вказану в дужках, використовуйте відповідне обставина часу (сигнальне слово).

1. One hundred people apply for the job. (Past Simp.)

2. Mr. Fleming approved all pay raises. (Present Perf.)

3. Sheila proofreads all correspondence. (Past Cont.)

4. The complaint department received your letter. (Pr. Perf.)

5. They handle a large volume of printed material. (Past Perf.)

6. We process the insurance claims. (Pres. Cont.)

7. The warehouse receives the shipment. (Past Perf.)

8. They issue contracts on Mondays. (Fut. Simp.)

9. Clerical workers receive medical benefits. (Past Perf.)

10. More and more firms provide day care facilities for their employees. (Pres. Cont.)

11. We considered your proposal. (Pres. Perf. Cont.)

12. We hired the most qualified applicants. (Fut. Simp.)

13. They keep all important documents in the safe. (Pres. Perf. Cont.)

Слова до вправи:

to proofreadредагувати

an insurance claimстрахова претензія

shipment партія товарів

to issue представляти

medical benefitпосібник на медичне обслуговування

day care facilities сприятливі умови для роботи і відпочинку

an applicantкандидат, претендент

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