XIV. Read and learn the registration form, the application for accommodation, the layout of the letter, the order form for catalogue and some samples of letters

  1. Applications of Automation and Robotics in Industry
  3. Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
  4. B) Learn Text С by heart and recite it la pairs.
  5. B) Say what you have learnt about the debt market in India.
  6. B) Say what you have learnt from the text about international banks.
  7. B) Work in pairs. Look at the pictures of stationary. Put the words below in the correct order to match pictures.

Registration Form

Name of participant ___

Organization ___

Address ___

Telephone office/home ___

I shall participate in the Symposium and enclose a check drawn on Congress Department Austropa (Vienna, Austria)

for as 1.600 (approx. US 80 - reduced rate)

for as 2.000 (approx. US 100 - full rate)

I am interested in participating in the Symposium and request the Congress Department Austropa to keep my name on file until 15 March. 2000.

Date of arrival

Date of departure

Date Signature


Sender ___

Name ___

First name ___

Street ___

City ___

Country ___

I book ___ single room ___ double room with / without bath

Category: ___ date of arrival ___ date of

Departure ___

Opera ___ ticket(s) for the performance on ___(date)

category good / medium / cheap

I book

April 15, 2000 Walk through "Old Vienna" ... person(s)

April 16, 2000 City Tour "Historic Vienna" ...person(s)

April 17, 2000 Guided Tour through Belvedere Palace... person(s)

Please send me a cultural programme Yes (Nox))

Deadline of booking: March 13, 2000.

___ ___

Date Signature


Delete what is non-applicable

The layout of the letter

Telegrams ___ The company's name The type of the firm The type of business it is engaged in Telephone ___

Directors: Address:

___ ___

The name and address, Date

of receiver


The text of the letter

The complimentary close

The name of the sender


The printed name


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