X. Study the contents of business letters

  1. A business lunch
  2. A Business Traveler
  3. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  4. An Expensive Business
  5. B.Getting Down to Business
  6. Breaking out of a brown study, said No thank you.
  7. Business and Language Specialists

1. The Letter of Enquiry:

The enquiry to an unknown supplier should contain:

a) indication of the source of getting information about him (it may be an embassy, consulate, chamber of commerce, exhibition, trade fair, advertisement or some business partner);

b) indication of the demand in your area for the goods, produced or sold by the supplier;

c) request to send you the needed information (a catalogue, price list, methods of payment, delivery times, and, if it is possible, samples of products);

d) a closing sentence, expressing hope for getting a prompt answer from the supplier.

2. The Letter of Offer:

An offer is a reply to an enquiry and, as a rule, it contains:

a) gratitude for the enquiry;

b) information about sending all requested materials;

c) some additional information, not requested by the customer;

d) closing sentences encouraging the customer to place an order and assuring him of proper execution.

3. The Letter of Order:

An order is a request for buying and delivering goods, it usually contains:

a) the source of information about the product (it may be the supplier's representative, catalogue, a sample, advertisement or previous correspondence);

b) information of the required goods: quantity, quality, size, colour, catalogue number, form of packing, delivery time;

c) alternative goods in the case of the goods ordered are not available;

d) a closing sentence encouraging the supplier to give good service for your order.

XI. Find in the dictionary the definitions of the synonyms with the meaning of "удобство"

comfort; convenience; facilities; accommodation.


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