1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Ex. 32. Les articles et les noms des pays. Faut-il un article? Lequel?
  3. Exercise 28. Insert articles where necessary.
  4. Exercise 30. Insert articles where necessary.
  5. Exercise 33. Insert articles where necessary.
  6. Exercise 37. Insert articles where necessary.

Article 1. The name of the corporation must be set out in block capital letters in the spaces provided and must commence on the first line in the first space. The name must correspond exactly with the name set out in the computer printed name search report from the NUANS system; otherwise the articles will not be accepted for filling. The corporation name must not contain words prohibited by the regulations. Where the corporation intends to seek registration / licencing under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act or under the Insurance Act, the incorporator(s) should clear the name with

the appropriate Register / Licencing Officer prior to the delivery of the articles for filling. Where a "number name" is desired, leave the first 9 spaces blank and complete as follows ___ ONTARIO INC.

Article 2. The address (where many-office building includes room or suite number) of the registered office of the corporation must be set out in full including the postal code. Post office box is not an acceptable address for registered office. The name of the municipality where the registered office is situated must be set out. For example, city of London, in the county of Middlesex.

Article 3. The number (or minimum and maximum number) of directors must be set out. The number set out be the same as or greater than the number of directors set out in Article 4.

Article 4. The name(s) (including first name, initials and surname) and the residence address(es) (including postal code) must be set out. Where any first director is not an incorporator, he must consent to act as a first director by filling Form 2 under the Business Corporation Act, 1982 and such consent must accompany the articles. State whether Resident Canadian (resident Canadian is designed in clause 1(1)37 of the Business Corporation Act, 1982).

Article 5. Set out restrictions, if any, on business the corporation may carry on or on powers the corporation may exercise, if none, state so.

Article 6. Set out the classes and any maximum number of shares that the corporation is authorized to issue.

Article 7. Set out rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions (if any) attaching to each class of shares and directors authority with respect to any class of shares which may be issued in series.

Article 8. Set out restrictions on issue, transfer or ownership of shares (if any).

Article 9. Set out other provisions (if any). If none, state "NIL", "N/A". Do not leave item blank.

Execution Articles must be signed in duplicate by all incorporators and signatures on both copies must be original ones and not photocopies.

Consent to Act as a First Director

1. ___

(First name, initials and surname)

residing at ___

(Street No. R.R. No., Municipality Postal Code)

Hereby consent to act as a First Director of


(Name of Corporation)


Signature of the Consenting Person

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