Articles of Incorporation

  2. Ex. 32. Les articles et les noms des pays. Faut-il un article? Lequel?
  3. Exercise 28. Insert articles where necessary.
  4. Exercise 30. Insert articles where necessary.
  5. Exercise 33. Insert articles where necessary.
  6. Exercise 37. Insert articles where necessary.

1. The name of the corporation is ___


2. The address of the registered office is ___


(Street and Number or R.R. Number if Multi-Office Building, give Room №)


(Name of Municipality or Post Office) (Postal Code)


(Name of Municipality in the (Country, Dictrict

Geographical Township) Regional Municipality)

3. Number (or minimum and maximum number) of directors is:


4. The first director (s) is (are)

First name, initials and surname Residence address, giving street and No. Or R.R. No. Or municipality and post code Resident Canadian State Yes or No

5. Restrictions, if any, on business the corporation may carry on or on powers the corporation may exercise.

6. The classes and maximum number of shares that the corporation is authorized to issue.

7. Rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions (if any) attaching to each class of shares and directors authority with respect to any class of shares which may be issued in series:

8. The issue, transfer or ownership of shares is/is not restricted and the restrictions (if any) are as follows:

9. Other provisions, if any, are:

10. The names and addresses of the incorporations are:

First name, initials and surname or corporate name Full residence address or address of registered office or of principal place of business giving street. No. or R.R. No., municipality and post code

These articies are signed in duplicate


signatures of incorporators

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