2. Fairs and Exhibitions

Fairs and exhibitions offer exporters an excellent opportunity to show what they have for sale, to make contacts and to learn about a market quickly and easily. Every exhibition is an eye-opening experience and also a method to advertize products.

Some 300 exhibitions, of which about 200 were trade fairs, were held last years. The number of trade fairs has more than trebled in the last ten years. Some of the specialized fairs, such as the Motor Show and the Royal Agricultural Show, attract large numbers of the public as well as many trade buyers from home and overseas and provide an important means of advertising and selling British goods.

United Kingdom products are shown at most of the large international trade fairs throughout the world. For example, the United Kingdom is usually well represented at the Milan, Hanover and Poznan Fairs. In addition, through a subsidiary company, British Overseas Fairs, Ltd., the FBI has organized British Trade Fairs in ten major cities abroad, including the British Exhibition in Tokyo. British Trade Fairs were, also organized by Industrial and Trade Fairs Ltd., in Moscow and Peking. United Kingdom manufactures have been prominent at the many important specialized international fairs which are held in North America and Europe.

Participation in trade fairs, "British Weeks" and store promotions overseas is a form of export promotion for which the Government provides information, advice and, in certain cases, free facilities. The amount allocated to the Board of Trade for these purposes has risen several times. British weeks differ from trade fairs and exhibitions in that they are primarily designed to promote consumer goods in shops and other retail outlets in chosen commercial centres overseas.


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