(The glossary is taken from:"Engineering" Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; 2003 pg.34 -39)

abbr- AbbreviationC - countableU - uncountablepl- pluralsing- singular adv - adverbadj- adjectiveprep- prepositionsth -somethingsb- somebody


absolute zero [U] the lowest temperature possible (-273.15 )

accurate adj exact and correct

across adv, r from one side of sth to the other

adjustable adj that n b moved into different shapes or positions

advantage 1[] something that m help u to do better than other people; 2[C, U] something that helps u or that will bring u good result

aerial [] long metal stick that receives radio or television signals

aeronauticaladj connected with aircraft

aeroplane [] vehicle with wings and engines that fly

alloy [, U] metal formed b mixing two metals together, or b mixing metal with another substance

aluminium [U] light silver-coloured metal

m [] (abbr ) unit for measuring electrical current

analysis [C, U] careful examination

antenna (US) = AERIAL

noun[usually sing] The top or highest part of sth

applicant [] person who makes formal request for sth, (applies forsth), especially job, place at college, university, etc .; application [C, U]; apply verb

appointment [C, U] an arrangement to see sb at particular time

apprentice [] person who works for low in order to learn the skills needed in particular job

architect [] person who designs buildings

architecture [U] 1the study of designing and making buildings 2'The style or design of buildings

area [C, U] the size of surface

around adv, r n all sides; forming circle

asphalt [U] thick black substance that is used for making the surface of roads

assembly line [] line of people and machines in factory that fit the parts of sth together in fixed order

automatic adj (Used about machine) that n work b itself without direct human control; automaticallyadv

automobileadj connected with cars and the manufacture of cars

[C, U] measurement of the amount of information that particular computer network or Internet connection n send in particular time

bar chart [] diagram that uses narrow bands of different heights to show different amounts

bascule bridge [] type of bridge with section that n b lifted u

base sth n sth phrasal verb to form or develop sth from particular starting point or source

battery [] device which produces electricity

benefit [C, U] an advantage or useful effect that sth has

bewareverb beware (f sb / sth)(Used for giving warning) = b careful

Biro [] type of n

boiling point [] the temperature at which liquid starts to bil

bore verbto make long deep hole in sth with tool

boring adj not at ll interesting; dull

bottom [], usually sing] the lowest part of sth

brass [U] hard yellow metal that is mixture of copper and zinc

break verb to separate into pieces

bridge [] structure that carries road or railway across river, valley, road or railway

build verb to make sth b putting pieces, materials, etc. together


bl [C, U] set of wires covered with plastic, etc. for carrying electricity or signals

cabling [U] ll the cables that are required for particular piece of equipment or particular system

calculation [, U] finding an answer using mathematics

abbr computer-assistedmanufacturing; the use of computers to control industrial processes

canal [] an artificial waterway made through land so that boats or ships n travel along it

capacity [Sing, U] the amount that container or space n hold

cardboard [U] very thick paper that is used for making boxes, etc.

casing [, U] covering that protects sth

Celsius adj (abbr ) Of or using scale of temperature in which water freezes at 0 and boils at 100

cement [U] grey powder that becomes hard after it is mixed with water and left to dry

census [] an official count of the population

centimetre [] (abbr m) One hundredth of metre

centre [], usually sing] the middle point or part of sth

certificate [] an official piece ofpaper that says that sth is true or correct

chemical engineering [U] the study of the design and use of machines in industrial chemical processes; - chemical engineer []

chemist [] specialist in chemistry

chemistry [U] the scientific study of the structure of substances and what happens to them in different conditions or when mixed with each other

civil engineering [U] the design, building and repair of roads, bridges, canals, etc .; the study of this as subject

classic adj important and having value that will last

clean adj 1not dirty; 2not showing or having any record of doing sth that is against the law: clea drivig li

clear adj easy to see through (opposite: opaque)

clockwork [U] type of machinery that u operate b turning key which winds u spring and produces energy

CNC abbr computernumerical control; the use of digital computer techniques to control manufacturing process, especially the machines and tools involved in this process

collapseverb to fall down or break into pieces suddenly

column [] tall solid vertical post that supports or decorates building

mbin verb to join or mix

communications [U, also pl] Methods of sending information, especially telephones, radio, computers, etc. or roads and railways

component [] one of several parts of which sth is made

compound [] something that consists of substances combined together

compress verb to make sth fill less space than usual

compressed-air adj using air under pressure as energy to drive machines and tools

computer [] n electronic machine that n store, find and arrange information, calculate amounts and control other machines

connect verb to join

consistentadj always having the same opinions, standard, behaviour, etc .; not changing

construction [U] the act or method of making sth or building sth

contact [U] (contact with sth) The state of touching sth

continuous assessment [U] system of giving student final mark based n work done during course of study rather than n n m

contractverb to bm or to make sth smaller or shorter

convertverb to change sth from n form, system or use to another

cooladj (slang) very good or fashionable

copper [U] mmn reddish-brown metal

corner [] place where two lines, edges, surfaces or roads meet

corrosiveadj tending to destroy sth slowly b chemical action

course [] complete series of lessons or studies

covering letter [] letter containing extra information

crack verb to break or to make sth break so that lin appears n the surface, without breaking into pieces

craftsman [] person who makes things skilfully, especially with his / her hands

ubi adj (abbr u) Used to show measurement of volume (= height length width)

cure verb to make sb healthy again after n illness

curie [] (abbr Ci) unit for measuring radioactivity

curriculum vitae [] (abbr CV) written record of ur education and employment

cycle [] the fact of series of events being repeated mn times, always in the same order

verb to build wall across river to hold back the water

decimal [] number less than n

decimal point [] dot or point used to separate whole number from the tenths, hundredths, etc. of decimal (for example in 0.61)

defensive adj that protects sb / sth from attack

define verb to explain the exact nature or meaning of sth clearly

deflect verb to change direction after hitting sb / sth; to make sth change direction in this way

degree [] measurement of angles

deliver verb to take sth to the place requested

descriptionnoun [] picture of sb / sth in words

designverb 1to plan and make drawing of how sth will b made; 2to invent, plan and develop sth for particular purpose ~ design []

designer [] person whose job is to make drawings or plans showing how sth will b made

desktop [] computer screen n which u n see symbols (icons) Showing the programs, information, etc. that are available

detail [, U] n fact or piece of information

develop verb 1to grow slowly, increase or change into sth else; to make sth do this; 2to think of or produce new idea, product, etc. and make it successful; 3to begin to have problem or disease; to start to affect sb / sth ~ development [U, ]

developer [] person or mn that designs and creates new products

device [] tool or piece of equipment

diagonal adj (Used about straight lin) joining two opposite sides of sth at n angle that is not 90 or vertical or horizontal

diagram [] simple picture that is used to explain how sth works or what sth looks like

diameter [] straight lin that goes from n side to the other of circle, passing through the centre

diamond [, U] hard, bright, precious stone

difficultadj not easy to do or understand

dimension [, U] measurement in space, for example, the length, width or height of sth; ~ dimensional(Used to form compound adjectives) having the number of dimensions mentioned

diploma [] ( diploma in sth) certificate for completing course of study disadvantage [] something that is not good or that causes problems

disaster [] n event that causes lot of harm or damage

disconnect verb 1to stop supply of electricity, etc. going to piece of equipment or building; 2to separate sth from sth else

disposal [U] the act of getting rid of sth

distance [C, U] the space between two places or things

divideverb (divide sth into sth) To separate (sth) into different parts

drawing board [] board used for holding piece of paper while drawing or plan is being made

driving licence [] certificate that proves u have taken test and are bl to drive car, etc.

duct [] tube for carrying liquid, gas, electric or telephone wires

ear defenders
[1] Pieces of soft material that u put over ur ears to keep out noise

earphones [pl] piece of equipment that fits over or in the ears and is used for listening to music, the radio, etc.

easyadj not difficult ~ easily adv

efficiently adv welland thoroughly with n waste of time, mn, or energy

electrical adj of or about electricity

electrical engineering [U] the design and building of machines and systems that use or produce electricity; the study of this subject

electrical resistance [C, U] the fact of substance not allowing electricity to flow through it; measurement of this

electricity [U] type of energy that we use to make heat, light, and power to work machines, etc.

electrodynamics [U] the scientific study of the forces involved in the movement of electricity

electromagneticadj (In physics) having both electrical characteristics and the ability to attract metal objects

element [] n of the simple chemical substances, eg. iron

energy [U] the power used for driving machines, etc.

engineer [] person whose job is to design, build, or repair engines, machines, etc.

engineering 1the activity of applying scientific knowledge to the design, building and control of machines, roads, bridges, electrical equipment, etc. 2[U] the study of this subject

enquiry [] 1 question 2n official process to find out the cause of sth

environment [, U] the conditions that affect the behaviour and development of sb / sth; the physical conditions that sb / sth exists in

environmentally-friendly adj (Used about products) not harming the natural world

equipment [U] the things that are needed to do particu1ar activity

ergonomicaIly adj in way that is designed to help people's working conditions and to help them work more efficiently

estimate verb to calculate the size, cost, etc. of sth approximately

evaluate verb to study the facts and then form n opinion about sth

everydayadj used or happening every day or regularly; normal

expand verb to bm or to make sth bigger

experience u [U] the things that u have done in ur life; the knowledge or skill that u get from seeing or doing sth

expertise u [U] high level of special knowledge or skill

explosive adj easily bl or likely to explode

u [] building or group of buildings where goods are made b machine;

fantasyu [C, U] product of ur imagination

fasblonableadj popular

fitting u [U] the act of putting or fixing sth somewhere

fixed adj staying the same; not bl to b moved or changed

flammable adj ble or likely to burn easily

flexibleadj ble to bend or move easily without breaking

fil u [U] metal that has bn made into very thin sheets, used for putting around food

fold verb to bend n part of sth over another part in order to make it smaller, tidier, etc. ~ fold u []

forceu 1[U] physical strength or power; 2[C, U] power that n cause change or movement

formal adj serious or official

foundation course u [] general course at college that prepares students for longer or more difficult courses

frequency u [C, U] the rate at which sound wave or radio wave moves u and down (vibrates)

fuel consumption u [U] the act of using heat or power (fuel); the amount used

u [] small device, tool or machine that has particular but usually unimportant purpose

generation u 1[] all the people in family, group or country who were brn at about the same time; 2[U] the production of sth, especially heat, power, etc .; 3[, usually sing] stage in the development of product, usually technical n.

generator u [] machine that produces electricity

girder u [] long heavy piece of iron or steel that is used in the building of bridges, large buildings, etc.

goggles u [l] Special glasses that u wear to protect ur eyes from water, wind, dust, etc.

gram u [] (abbr g) measure of weight. There are 1,000 grams in kilogram.

grindverb to make sth sharp or smooth b rubbing it n rough hard surface

guillotine u [] machine used for cutting paper

nun [] (symbol 1/ 2) n of two equal parts of sth

hand-drawn adj drawn or done b person and not b machine

handleverb to touch, hold or move sth with ur hands

handmadeadj made b person using his / her hands

hard adj not soft to touch; not easy to break or bend (opposite: soft)

hard hat u [] protective hat

hear verb to receive sounds with ur ears; ~ hearing u [U]

heavy adj weighing lot; difficult to lift or move (opposite: light)

height u [C, U] the measurement from the bottom to the top of person or thing

hertz u [] (abbr z) unit for measuring the frequency of sound waves

highly-skilled adj (Used about work, job, etc.) needing lot of skills or skill; done b people who have bn trained to high degree

Hoover u [] machine that sucks u the dirt

horizontal adj going from side to side, flat or level

human error u [, U] mistake made b person

adj exactly the same as; similar in every detail

ignite verb to start burning or to make sth start burning

illegal adj not allowed b the law

imageu [] 1 or picture of sb / sth; 2the general impression that person, an organization, etc. gives to the public

imaginationu 1[U, C] the ability to create mental pictures or new ideas; 2[] the part of the mind that uses this ability

implant u [] something put into the body in medical operation

increase verb to bm or to make sth larger in number or amount

industrialadj connected with industry

industry u [U] the production of goods in factories

informaladj relaxed and friendly or suitable for relaxed occasion

injureverb to hurt or harm sb physically

interesting adj enjoyable and entertaining; holding ur attention

interference u [U] extra noise that prevents u from receiving radio, TV; or phone signals clearly

interview u [] meeting to find out if sb is suitable for job, course of study, etc.

invention u [] thing that has bn made or designed b sb for the first time; ~ inventoru []

iron u [U] (symbol Fe) hard strong metal that is used for making steel and is found in small quantities in food and blood

u [] special bath in which powerful movements of air make bubbles in the water

jet u [] fast modern plane

joule /du: l / u [] (abbr J) unit of energy or work

u [C, U] (abbr K) unit for measuring temperature

kettle u [] container with lid, used for boiling water

key skillu [] particular ability or type of ability

keyboardu [] the set of keys n computer, etc.

kill verb to make sb / sth die

kilogram u [] (abbr kg) measure of weight

kilometre u [] (abbr k, km) measure of length or distance

u [] person whose job involves hard physical work outdoors

latheu [] machine hat shapes pieces of wood or metal b holding and turning them against fixed cutting tool

leatheru [U] the skin of animals which has bn specially treated

length u [] the size of sth from n end to the other

lens u [] curved piece of glass that makes things look bigger, clear, etc. when u look through it

light1 adj not weighing lot; easy to lift or move (opposite: heavy)

light2 u [U, C] the energy from the sun, lamp, etc. that allows u to see things

lightingu [U] the quality or type of lights used in room, etc.

liquidu [C, U] substance, for example water, that is not solid or gas and that can flow or be poured

listen verb to attention to sb / sth in order to hear him / her / it

litre [] (abbr l) measure of liquid

l1adj of particular l (near you)

lookverb to turn ur eyes in particular direction (in order to attention to sb / sth)

loosen verb to bem or make sth less tight

[l] The ! where the supply of gas, water or electricity to building starts; the system of providing these services to building

maintenance [U] keeping sth in good condition

manufacture [U] the fact of making sth in large quantities using machines ~ manufacturing [U] ~ manufacturer []

materia1 [, U] substance that n b used for making or doing sth

mathematician [] an expert in mathematics

mathematics [U] the science or study of numbers, quantities, or shapes

measurement 1[] size, an amount, etc. that is found b measuring sth; 2[U] the act or process of measuring sth

mechanica1 engineering [U] the study of how machines are designed, built, and repaired

mechanism [] set of moving parts in machine that does certain task

medica1 adj connected with medicine and the treatment of illness

memory [, U] 1 person's ability to remember things; 2the part of computer where information is stored; the amount of space in computer for storing information

mend verb to repair sth that is damaged or broken

meta1 [, U] type of solid substance that is usually hard and shiny and that heat and electricity n travel through

methodica1 adj having or using well-organized and careful way of doing sth

metre [] (abbr m) measure of length; 100 centimetres

micrometre [] one millionth of metre

mild steel [U] strong hard material made from mixture of iron and carbon

milliliter {] (abbr ml) One thousandth of 1itre

million [] 1,000,000

mining [U] the process of getting l and other minerals from under the ground; the industry involved in this; ~ minernoun[]

model [] of sth that is usually smaller than the real thing

modem adj with all the newest methods, equipment, designs, etc.

monitor [] piece of equipment, connected to computer, for moving around the screen and entering commands without touching the keys

movableadj that n b moved (opposite: fixed)

adv in way that is relaxed and norma1

newspaper article [] piece of writing in newspaper

newton [] (abbr N) unit for measuring force

nickel [U] (symbol Ni) hard silver-white metal

nuclear adj using, producing or resulting from the energy that is produced when the central part (nucleus) Of an atom is split

nylon [U] very strong man-made material

[] (symbol ?) unit for measuring electrica1 resistance

opaque adj that u can not see through (opposite: clear)

opener [] tool that opens sth or takes the lid, etc. off sth

operator [] person whose job is to work particu1ar machine or piece or equipment

optica1 fibre [, U] thin glass thread through which light n b sent (or transmitted)

organized adj arranged or planned in the way mentioned

original adj made or created first, before any copies or changes were made

[] piece of equipment that is tied to person and that opens and lets him / her fall to the ground slowly when he / she jumps from plane

particular adj usedto emphasize that u are ta1king about one person, thing, time, etc. and not about others

pasca1 [] (symbol ) unit of pressure equa1 to one newton per square metre

pass verb to achieve the necessary standard in an m, test, etc.

patience [U] the quality of being ble to stay calm and not get angry, especially when u have to wait a long time

patient [] person who is receiving medical treatment

peaceful adj calm and quiet

per prep for each

per cent [] (symbol %) One part in every hundred

perfect adj completely good; without faults or weaknesses

persona1ity [C, U] the different qualities of person's character that make him / her different from other people

petrochemical [] any chemical substance obtained from petroleum il or natura1 gas

petroleum [U] mineral il that is found under the ground or the sea and is used to produce petrol

physicist [] an expert in physics

physics [U] the scientific study of natura1 forces

pie chart [] diagram consisting of circle divided into parts to show the size of particular parts in relation to the whole

pier [] large structure that is built in the sea or river to support bridge where it crosses the water

pilot [] person who flies an aircraft

pioneer [] person who is one of the first to develop an area of ??human knowledge, culture, etc.

plant [] factory or place where power is produced or where an industrial process takes place

plastic [, U] light, strong materia1 that is made with chemica1s and is used for making many different sorts of objects ~ plastic adj

plug [] sth which connects piece of electrica1 equipment to the electricity supply

plug sth in phrasal verb to connect piece of electrica1 equipment to the electricity supply or to another piece of equipment

point [] the thin sharp end of sth

polymer [] compound consisting of large groups of atoms (molecules) Made from combinations of small simple molecules

population [C, U] the number of people who live in particular area, city or country

power [U] energy that n b collected and used for operating machines, making electricity, etc .; power verb to supply energy to sth to make it work

practica1 adj 1concerned with actually doing sth rather than with ideas or thought; 2very suitable for particular purpose; useful

precision [U] the quality of being clear or exact

prepare verb to get ready or to make sb / sth ready

prevent verb (prevent sb / sth from doing sth) To stop sth happening or to stop sb from doing sth

printer [] machine that prints out information from computer onto paper

process [] series of actions that u do for particular purpose

produceverb 1to make sth to b sold, especially in large quantities; 2to cause particular effect or result; ~ production []

project [] piece of work that is planned and organized carefully

property [, usually l] special quality or characteristic

proportion 1[] part or share of whole; 2[U] the relationship between the size or amount of two things

prototype [] the first model or design of sth from which other forms will b developed

put sth together phrasal verb to build or repair sth b joining its parts together

[, usually l] n m that u have passed or course of study that u have successfully completed

quarter [] (symbol ?) n of four equal parts of sth

adj sending out powerful and very dangerous rays that are produced when atoms are broken u. These rays can not b seen or felt but n cause serious illness or death. ~ radioactivity [U]

reactverb (Used about chemical substance) to change after coming into contact with another substance

rea1isticallyadv in sensible and understanding way

receiver [] person who gets letter, message, etc. from sb

recycle verb 1to put used objects and materials through process so that they n b used again; 2to keep used objects and materials and use them again

referee [] person who gives information about your character and ability, usually in letter, for mple when u are hoping to b chosen for job

registerverb to show sth or b shown n measuring instrument

relaxed adj not worried or tense

reliable adj that u n trust

repair verb to put sth old or damaged back into good condition

repeater [] device which automatically transmits or sends again n electronically transmitted message

repetitive strain injury [U] (abbr RSI) Pain and swelling, especially in the wrists and hands, caused b doing the same movement mn times

require verb to need sth

resource [, usually l] supply of sth, piece of equipment, etc. that is available for sb to use

rigidadj difficult to bend or shape; stiff

risk [, U] possibility of sth dangerous or unpleasant happening; situation that could b dangerous or have bad result

robot [] machine that works automatically or is controlled b computer

robotics [U] the science of designing and operating robots

rust verb to bm covered with reddish-brown substance which forms n the surface of iron, etc. and is caused b the action of air and water

adj not likely to cause danger, harm or risk ~ safely adv ~ safety [U]

sanitation [U] the equipment and the systems that keep places ln, especially b removing human waste

scale [] series of numbers amounts, etc. that are used for measuring or fixing the level of sth

scientific adj connected with or involving science ~ scientist []

screw [] thin pointed piece of metal used for fixing two things together. Yu turn screw with special tool ( screwdriver).

seabed(the seabed) [sing] The floor of the sea

secretadj known about b nl few l; kept hidden from others

secretary [] person who works in n office. secretary types letters, answers the telephone, keeps records, etc.

see verb to bm conscious of sth using your eyes

sender [] person who sends letter, package, etc. to sb

sense? [] n of the five natural physical powers of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch

sense? verb to realize or bm conscious of sth; to get feeling about sth yu can not see, hear, etc.

sensible adj (Used about l and their behaviour) bl to make good judgements based n reason and experience; practical

sensor [] device that n react to light, heat, pressure, etc.

setting [] n of the positions of the controls of machine

shape? verb to make sth into particular form

shape? [, U] the form of the outer edges or surfaces of sth; n mple of sth that has particular form

shape memory adj (Used about substance or material) ble to change and adapt according to its surroundings

side [] n of the surfaces of sth except the top, bottom, front or back

sight [U] the ability to see

signal [] series of radio waves, etc. that are sent out or received

skill 1[U] the ability to do sth well, especially because of training, practice, etc. 2[] n ability that u need in order to do job, n activity, etc. well ~ skilledadj

sloping adj (Used about surface) not flat: built at n angle

smartadj 1(Used about piece of clothing) formal; 2clever; intelligent; 3fashionable

smell [U] the ability to sense things with the nose

socket [] 1 l in wall where piece of electrical equipment n be connected to n electrical supply; 2 hole in piece of electrical equipment where another piece of electrical equipment n b connected

soft adj not hard or firm

software [U] the programs and other operating information used b computer

solar energy [U] power from the sun

solution [] way of finding the answer to problem or dealing with difficult situation

solveverb to find way of dealing with problem or difficult situation

span [] the length of sth from n end to the other

specialist [] n expert in particular area

specialize verb (specialize in sth) 1to bm n expert in particular area of ??work or study; 2to give most of your attention to n subject, type of product, etc.

speed [C, U] the rate at which sb / sth moves or travels

splicing ] the act of joining the ends of two pieces of ble, etc. together

square adj (abbr sq) Used after number to give measurement of n area

stage [] n part of the progress or development of sth

state-of-the-art adj using the most modern or advanced techniques and methods

statistics [l] Numbers that have bn collected in order to provide information about sth

Stetson [] type of hat typical in Texas, USA

stitch [] n of the small pieces of thread that doctor uses to sew ur skin together after n operation, etc.

strain 1[, U] pressure or worry; 2[U] pressure that is put n sth when it is pulled or pushed b physical force

strength [U] the ability of n object to hold heavy weights or not to break or b damaged easily; ~ strengthen verb to make sth stronger

strong adj (Used about thing) not easily broken or damaged (opposite: weak)

structural adj connected with the way that building, etc. has bn built or the way that the parts of sth have bn put together

substandard adj not as good as normal; not acceptable

suction [U] the action of removing air from space or container so that two surfaces n stick together

supply? [] store or n amount of sth that is provided or available to b used

supply? verb to give or provide sth

surgery [U] medical treatment in which ur body is cut n so that part of it n b removed or repaired

survey [] study of the opinions, behaviour, etc. of group of l

suspension bridge [] bridge that hangs from thick steel wires that are supported b towers at h end

symbol [] sign, object, etc. that represents sth

symmetricaladj having two halves that match h other exactly in size, shape, etc.

symptom [] change in ur body that is sign of illness

system [] set of ideas or rules for organizing sth; particular way of doing sth

[U] the ability to recognize the flavour of food or drink; ~ tasteverb

technical adj connected with the practical use of machines, methods, etc. in science or industry

technician [] person whose job is keeping particular type of equipment or machinery in good condition

technique [] particular way of doing sth

technology 1[U, C] scientific knowledge, used in practical ways in industry; 2[, U] the scientific knowledge and / or equipment that is needed for particular industry, etc.

teeth brace [, often l] metal frame that is fixed to child's teeth in order to make them straight

telecommunications [pl] The technology of sending signals, images and messages over long distances b radio, telephone, television, etc.

temperature [, U] how hot or cold sb / sth is

tension [, U] the condition of not being bl to relax because u are worried or nervous

testverb to use machine, product, etc. to find out how well it works; ~ tester []

textile [, U] n cloth made in factory

theoreticaladj based n ideas and principles, not n practical experience

thermometer [] n instrument for measuring temperature

think verb to use ur mind to consider sth or to form connected ideas

third [] (symbol ?) n of three equal parts of sth

thousand [] 1,000

thread [] long thin piece of cotton, wool, etc. that u use for sewing, etc.

tighten verb to make sth tight or tighter

titanium [U] (symbol Ti) silver-white metal that is used in making various strong light materials

tomb [] large place, where the body of n important person is buried

ton [] measure of weight; 2,240 pounds

tool [] n instrument that u hold in ur hand and use for making or repairing things, etc.

top [] the highest part or point of sth

touch [U] the ability to feel things and know what they are like by putting ur hands or fingers n them; ~ tuh verb

tough adj not easy to break or damage

tour [] short visit around building, city, etc.

traditional adj following the beliefs, customs or way of lif of group of l that have not changed for long time

transmission [U] sending out or passing sth from n person, l or thing to another

pr, adv in or to position that is below sth

unique adj not like anything else; being the only n of its type

unplug verb to remove piece of electrical equipment from the electricity supply

unreliableadj that can not b trusted or depended n to work properly

upholsterer [] person whose job is to cover furniture with soft material and fabric

useful adj having some practical use; helpful

[] device in pipe or tube which controls the flow of air, liquid or gas, letting it move in n direction nl

vehicle [] something that transports l or things

verticaladj going straight u at n angle of 90 from the ground

viewer [] person who looks at or considers sth

vinyl [, U] strong plastic that n bend easily and is used for making wall, floor and furniture coverings

vision [U] the ability to see; sight

volt [] (abbr V) unit for measuring the force of n electric current

waiting list
[] list of l who are waiting for sth, for mple service or medical treatment, that will b available in the future

waterway [] canal, river, etc. along which boats n travel

watt [] (abbr W) unit for measuring electrical power

weak adj that can not support lot of weight; likely to break (opposite: strong)

weight [, U] how heavy sb / sth is; the fact of being heavy

welder [] person whose job is joining pieces of metal together b heating their edges and pressing them together; ~ welding [U]

welding torch [] tool with very hot flame that is used to join pieces of metal together

wind verb (wind sth u) To make clock or other mechanism work b turning key, handle, etc. several times; ~ wind-up adj that n b made to work b being wound u

wire [] piece of metal in the form of thin thread that is used to carry electricity

wiring [U] the system of wires which supplies electricity to rooms in building

working environment [, U] the conditions that sb works in

[] the number '0'


(Parts of Speech)

, . , , . , , :
1. (noun, n). , : ? ?
2. (adjective, adj). , : ?
3. (verb, v). ( ) : ?
4. (numeral, num). : ?; : ?
5. (pronoun, pron). .
6. (adverb, adv). 䳿 ( , ) : ? ? ?
7. (preposition, prep). .
8. (conjunction, cj). .
9. (interjection, interj)

, , , 䳺 .

(Parts of Sentence)

- , . (ϳ ) (, , ). ϳ : , , , , 'it'. . , , , . , , , , 䳺.

(Word order)

, , .

1 ϳ (Subject) > 2 (Verb) > 3 (Object)

- :

(subject) > 䳺 (auxiliary verb) > not > 䳺 (main verb) > (the rest parts of the sentence)


(question word) > 䳺 (auxiliary verb) > (subject) > 䳺 (main verb) > (the rest parts of the sentence)


³ - animplant, inthe laboratory.

(An implant) (implants) . , '-s':

implant - implants

technique - techniques

-s, -sh, -ch, -, '-es '.

address - addresses

watch - watches
fax - faxes
crash - crashes

+ , "" "i' '-es'.

factory - factories

injury - injuries

memory - memories

company - companies

+ , '-s'.

day - days

alloy - alloys


man - men

woman - women

. 'it'.

(Countable and Uncountable Nouns)

. , - , , , , . , .

This bridge isvery old.

These bridges arevery old.

, - , , , . .

Knowledge is power!

Experience comes after practice.

many(), a few(ʳ), few().

C much(), a little(), little().

many problems, a fewcomponents, fewimplants

muchknowledge, a littlepractice, littleexperience

(Possessive Case)

- ( ) ( ). , .

'whose?' (?) , - . .

, (') '-s':

the worker'stool

the designer'sproject

the engineer'ssolution

, (').

the workers'tools
the designers'project

the engineers'solution

'-s', :
the craftsmen'stools
the worker'stool
the designer'sproject
the engineer'ssolution

, 'of':
properties ofmaterials
symptoms ofa disease


- , .

: (I / me, he / him, she / her, it / it, you / you, we / us, they / them); (my, his, her, its, your, our, their); (myself, himself, herself, itself, yourself, ourselves, themselves); (each other, one another); (this - these; that - those); (who (m), whose, what, which); (some, any, no; much - many, little - few; each, every).

(this - these; that - those); - (which); - (somebody) (both, many).


(?) ' (*) ?
I me my myself
you you your yourself
he him his himself
she her her herself
it it its itself
we us our ourselves
you you your yourselves
they them their themselves

* ³ .

'some', 'any', 'no'.

'some','any' 'no'

Read the following text. Complete the text by putting a word or number from the box below in each space (1-10). | Read the following text. | SIGNS, SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS | Match the numbers and abbreviations below with the words in italics from exercise 3 in the following table. | Now complete the definitions (1-11) below with the units from exercise 2 and the people from the box. | Check the knowledge of active vocabulary from this module with the help of | Read the curriculum vitae (CV) quickly and choose the correct answers to the questions below it. | Read the CV again and decide if the sentences (1-7) below are true (T) or false (F). | Check the knowledge of active vocabulary from this module with the help of | VI. Answer any 5 questions you like. Give as much information as you can. |

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