VI. Answer any 5 questions you like. Give as much information as you can

  1. A) Read the text about robots and find the information to answer the questions
  2. Answer the following questions
  3. Answer the following questions
  4. Answer the following questions about yourselves. Compare your answers with a partner.
  5. Answer the following questions.
  6. Answer the following questions.
  7. Answer the following questions.
1. What is the process of solving a problem?
2. How many types of engineering are there? What are they?
3. Why is personality so important in choosing a profession?
4. What is a 'smart material'?
5. Why are smart materials so important in our life?
6. Where do we use smart materials?
7. What is the process of choosing a course?
8. What are different things made of? Why?
9. What is the role of Engineering today?
10. What is the process of study at the University?
11. What is the process of getting a job?
12. Why is interview so important in the process of getting a job?
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  Total: ___ / 100  


(modules 6 - 10)

I. Change the words in italics so that the sentence has a similar meaning; write the answer on the right:

In the context of technical drawing process computer gives a number of benefits.  
All parts of a car are joined together on an assembly line of a plant.  
The design of a new model of the car is a real state of the art.  
The classical Mini car is still very popular.  
A lot of professional employees work on the Morgan plant.  
This sign says there is a danger of being injured.  
The instructor must monitor the whole process of welding.  
If you want to have healthy eyes - keep the display at your eye-level or a little bit lower.  
Before you start working with a computer, you should connect it to the main supply.  
It is very important to use your body correctly in order to prevent RSI.  
Doing one and the same action can develop RSI.  
There are different ways to minimize the risk of RSI development.  
Don't forget about safety equipment while welding in order to keep your body safe.  
The first "Mini" was produced in 1959.  
Good working environment was suggested to the workers of the plant.  
"Have you read all the rules on how to work with this kind of equipment?  
'Please, find any other detailed information about this event in history.  
Modern types of TVs, video-cameras, photo cameras with electric signals help us save, change, recycle information, and also improve the quality of images.  
"Don't tighten these screws! We need to change the cable."  
"Please, could you switch the television on?  
___ / 20

II. Guess the words from their explanations and write them on the right:

A person who designs buildings.  
The place on the factory where the cars are put together.  
Highly-skilled people, especially who make things by hand.  
An object, usually in a wall, that you put the plug into in order to connect electrical equipment to electrical supply.  
A kind of safety glasses to protect your eyes.  
You can see these things (objects) while driving along the road. All the drivers must know these things (objects).  
One of the five parts at the end of each hand.  
To remove the plug from electrical supply.  
The narrow part at the end of your arm where it joins your hand.  
"□" - what shape is this?  
To join together two or more electrical objects.  
Detailed information on how to do or use something.  
A computer system that helps people operate machines, engines on the factory.  
The modern kind of TVs, photo and video equipment.  
Art of representing objects by lines with a pencil.  
To do something with an object in order to use it again.  
To do something more than once.  
Correct in every detail, with no mistakes.  
Being the only one of its kind, very special and unusual.  
The place where the bones of your arm join and your arm bends.  
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III. Give your own explanations to the following words:

  ___ / 20

IV. Match the words:

hands mouse the screws suit
model drawing image boots
environment information the head by hand
chair board designed craftsmen
breaks feeling defenders rules
technical     integrated  
working     drawing  
ergonomically     turn  
boiler     ear  
basic     prototype  
shake     safety  
loss of     highly-skilled  
loosen     adjustable  
regular     background  
draw     symmetrical  
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V. Fill in the gaps with suitable words (from modules 6 - 10) and write the answer on the right:

Loss of feeling, pain and burning in the area - are the main ... of RSI.  
It is much easier to ... the illness then to cure it.  
Always read the ... before you start doing the task!  
If you are a welder don't forget to wear all necessary ... Equipment.  
You have much experience and that is your ... over other applicants.  
If you want to work as an engineer, you should get ...qualification.  
Drawing board, pencil, paper, set square - are all pieces of basic drawing ... .  
The group of young engineers has ...a clear solution.  
Some chemicals are very ..., so put on safety gloves on your hands.  
When you work on the computer you should keep your shoulders down, neck straight and your back ... .  
  ___ / 10

VI. Answer any one question (a, b, c or d) from each group (1-5). Give as much information as you can:

1a What are "CNC", "CAD"? Where are they used? What are they used for?
1b What is the role of a computer in the process of technical drawing?
1c What is the difference in the process of technical drawing in the past and nowadays?
1d What are the advantages of computer-made drawings?  
2a What are the advantages of using an assembly line in a car production process?
2b What do you know about the Mini car?
2c What do you know about the Morgan car?
2d Why are the Mini and the Morgan cars so famous?  
3a Speak about the process of connecting all parts of a computer.
3b What is the difference between a computer and a laptop?
3c What are the parts of a computer?
3d Give instructions on how to connect a photo camera to a computer (a DVD to a TV)?  
4a What are the pieces of safety equipment?
4b Why do people need safety equipment?
4c What safety equipment does a welder need?
4d Comment on the signs in your additional handout.  
5a What is RSI? Who is at the most risk of RSI?
5b What should people do to prevent RSI?
5c Give detailed instructions on how to use a computer in order to prevent RSI?
5d What are the symptoms of RSI?
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Total: ___ / 100


(modules 11 - 17)

I. Change the words in italics so that the sentence has a similar meaning; write the answer on the right:

This equipment costs much money.
Cars on assembly line are made by machines.
Many bridges in St.Petersburg can open to allow boats go through.
RSI development can harm your health.
Suddenly the construction broke down.
Engineers formed a special group of people to solve this problem.
Pyramids are very-very old constructions.
Nowadays old-fashioned ducts are replaced by new ones.
A Russian scientist A.Popov was the first person who made a radio.
Long heavy pieces of iron or steel are normally used in bridge (or building) construction.
This material ignites easily.
People usually send small texts to each other with the help of mobiles or computers and this is the way they communicate.
You must join these two plastic pieces together accurately.
Safety equipment defends our body from damage.
Each boss should know how to control employees.
Each pack has 10 batteries inside.
TBM is a very-very big machine.
The manufacture wasn't supplied with necessary equipment in time.
Your order will be brought within 5 days.
He has got into an accident and there was a temporary loss of vision.
___ / 20

II. Guess the words from their explanations and write them on the right:

Material used to carry light and coded messages.
A machine that produces electricity or converts power.
A line across a circle.
The space between 2 places or things.
A device that can react to light, heat, pressure.
The measurement from the bottom to the top.
Facts or details about something.
A machine that works automatically or is controlled by a computer.
The number of people who live in a particular area, city, country, etc...
Special things that you need to do something.
A structure that carries a road or railway across a river.
A clear hard material used for bottles, windows, etc...
The top or the highest part of something.
To move earth and make a hole in the ground.
To break into peaces suddenly.
People who work at a plant, manufacture or for a company.
Careful examination of different parts or details of something.
Ability to be very active or do a lot of work without getting tired.
The length of something from one end to the other, the synonym to "distance".
Something which transports people or things from place to place, ex. cars, busses, bicycles, etc...
___ / 20

III. Give your own explanations to the following words:

solar energy  
___ / 20

IV. Match the words:

heating bandwidth sides robots atmosphere splicing power calculation interference the signal equipment bridge signal material device energy safe -friendly information technology
slopping   radioactive
expensive   accurate
to deliver   to store
measurement   movable
high   mechanical
electromagnetic   solar
radio   environmentally
flammable   the wind up
electrical   industrial
central   to keep
___ / 20

V. Fill in the gaps and write the answer on the right:

We need a ... to convert mechanical power to electrical energy.  
Sensors of a robot usually send ... to a computer system.  
The ... of this construction is over 140 meters.  
Radio was the greatest ... of the 19th century.  
The Pyramids are very ... structures. They were built many centuries ago.  
Mechanical ... are widely used in industry.  
Computer system gives ... to robots.  
Be careful with this materials, they can ignite easily. In other words they are very ... .  
Electrical, solar, kinetic - are different types of ... .  
Tin opener, MP3-player, thermometer, etc..., are small ... which we usually use in our everyday life.  
___ / 10

VI. Answer any 5 questions you like. Give as much information as you can:

1. What is optical fibre? What are its characteristics?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of optical fibres?
3. How are tunnels made? What are tunnels made for?
4. What types of energy do you know?
5. What is the idea of a wind-up technology?
6. What is a robot? What is its role in people's life?
7. What are the differences between people and robots?
8. What is a gadget? What is its role in people's life?
9. What types of bridges do you know?
10. What were the principles of bridge construction in the past? What are they now?
11. What are the dimensions of a bridge?
12. What ancient structures do you know? What is special about them? How were they built?
___ / 10
Total: ___ / 100


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