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Check the knowledge of active vocabulary from this module with the help of

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  2. Active vocabulary
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  4. Active Vocabulary
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(modules 1 - 5)

I. Change the words in italics so that the sentence has a similar meaning; write the answer on the right:

Engineers solve problems in a "step-by-step" way.
If you want to make your project better you should work harder.
You can finish your work in the office.
Engineering can be classified into 3 main areas.
People can give and get information to each other in different ways.
You can talk to each other out of the office.
At the beginning all students take a beginner course where they study general subjects.
After finishing the beginner course students focus on one type of engineering.
'What sort of knowledge and skills do you need for the job?'
First of all you should get basic skills.
How is your knowledge evaluated at the University?
Do you work all the day long?
I'm a new trainee. Who is my instructor?
Have you got good mark on your exam?
Please, Jane, ask a new trainee some questions to evaluate his knowledge.
Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc.
Usually implants are pressed and put into the patient's body.
Glass is a clear light material.
Copper conducts electricity well.
What was your first plan?
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II. Guess the words from their explanations and write them on the right:

A person who designs, builds, maintains engines, machines, etc... .  
Characteristic of a person; 'a sort of a person'. You must think of this before choosing your profession.  
A document that you get after you pass all exams and graduate from the University.  
A period of time (usually half a year) when students study before they take exams.  
A lesson of discussion and practical work, when people communicate and show their knowledge.  
A person who works for low pay as an assistant of an experienced person in order to learn the skills for a particular job.  
A person who trains (teaches) people for some particular job.  
A degree, a diploma, a certificate; theoretical and practical knowledge; you need this to get a job.  
A type of job when you work for 8 hours a day and 5 days in a week. It is opposite to a 'part-time' job.  
The process of getting marks for each project you do during the term.  
A room or a building (especially in the Scientific Institutions) that is used for scientific experiments or testing.  
The most important things to learn; basic knowledge of any subject that you need for your future study.  
To focus on one small part of a subject and to study it in details.  
To take an exam and to get a good mark.  
Process of asking-answering questions in order to get information about a person and his/her qualification.  
Ability of our brain to remember different things.  
Something medical that is put inside the patient's body.  
Mixture of two metals that is also known as 'smart material'.  
Ability of a person to create different pictures in mind.  
To make something smaller; to become smaller (ex. - about an implant)  
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III. Give your own explanations to the following words:

to design  
building site  
part-time job/course  
to specialize  
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IV Match the words:

electricity, exam, way, into, a problem, for, shape, a technique, alloys, at, in, job (activity), body, form, solution, course, imagination, fibre, price, system
solve   original
practical   patient's
use   carry
reasonable   optical
methodical   metal
indoor   foundation
computer   divide
application   be interested
take   apply
human   be good
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V. Fill in the gaps with suitable words (from modules 1-5) and write the answer on the right:

Brass doesn't ................. in contact with water.
Implants ............... to the temperature of a patient's body.
Metals ................ when they are heated.
......... is the hardest natural material.
.......... is a material that can carry light and coded messages.
During an exam a teacher wants to ................ student's knowledge of the subject.
Experience comes after ........... .
Jane, you'll be an .................. to this group of young trainees.
The metal alloys are usually an expensive ................ of titanium and nickel.
What sort of ...................... do I need to get this job?
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