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Check the knowledge of active vocabulary from this module with the help of

  1. A Choose the correct response. Listen and check.
  2. Active vocabulary
  3. Active vocabulary
  4. Active Vocabulary
  5. Active Vocabulary
  6. Active vocabulary
  7. Active vocabulary



(the material of the module is taken from: "Engineering" Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP;

Unit 23, pg.26; Unit 24; pg.27)


Read the texts (letter A and letter B) and choose the correct answers to questions (1-5) below the texts.

Letter A (1)   (2) 28 High Avenue Harlow Essex CM 16 7AY 01279 5743461
(3) Admission Secretary Stevenage Technical College West Road Stevenage Herts ST6 8PI   (4) 30 April 2003   (5) Dear Sir/Madame, Please send me details of your foundation course in computer engineering.   Yours faithfully,   (6) Katy Evans
Letter B (1)   (2) Stevenage Technical College West Road Stevenage Herts ST6 8PI 01438 7546392
(3) Ms K Evans 28 High Avenue Harlow Essex CM 16 7AY (4) 17 May 2003   (5) Dear Ms Evans, Thank you for your enquiry. I enclose the details that you requested and some additional information about the college's facilities. Please contact me if you require any further information.   Yours sincerely,   (6) Mrs LH Lee Admission Secretary
1. Letter A is to/from Katy Evans.
2. Mrs Lee/Katy Evans works at the college.
3. Katy Evans is/wants to be a student at the college.
4. Katy Evans wants information about a basic/an advanced course.
5. Mrs Evans sends exactly what/more than Katy asked for.


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Now complete the definitions (1-8) with the words from the module. | Read the following text and fill in the gaps. Use the words from the boxes below. | PRE-LISTENING | WHILE-LISTENING | POST-LISTENING | EGYPT GREAT PYRAMIDS | Read the following text. Complete the text by putting a word or number from the box below in each space (1-10). | Read the following text. | SIGNS, SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS | Match the numbers and abbreviations below with the words in italics from exercise 3 in the following table. |

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