Match the numbers and abbreviations below with the words in italics from exercise 3 in the following table

  1. A) In what context do you think the following words and phrases will appear in the text?
  2. A) Match the words and their definitions
  3. A) Read the following news report and think of a suitable headline for it.
  4. A) Read the word combinations from the table below and try to remember them.
  5. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  6. Agree or disagree with the following statements using appropriate phrases.
  7. Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons.
516m 110kph 3000cc (or cm³) 200km 300m 1.5l 593km² 2000kg
  height   weight  
  length   distance  
  area   liquid  
  speed     capacity  

Rewrite the measurements (1-9) below as numbers and abbreviations.

Note: In English, we say 5m x 7m as 'five metres by seven (metres)' when we are talking about area. In mathematics, 5x7 is 'five times seven' or ' five multiplied by seven'.

Twenty-two kilometers per hour
Two litres
One point five square metres
Six square kilometers
Fifty milliliters
Eighteen kilograms
One hundred and thirty grams
One point five metres by fifty centimeters
Nought point seven five cubic metres

Write true answers to the following questions.

1. How large is your classroom?

2. How tall are you?

3. What is the speed limit on the roads in your country/city/town?

4. How fast can you run?

5. What is the area of your desk?

6. How much does your bag weight?

7. How much did you weight when you were born?

8. How far is it from Kazan to Moscow?


1. What are the following things? What have the words got in common?

Biro Braille guillotine Hoover Jacuzzi Levis Stetson

Put the following words (standard international units) into the correct column.

amp Celsius curie hertz joule kelvin newton ohm pascal volt watt
Chemistry (1 word) Electricity (6 words) Physics (2 words) Temperature (2 words)  


  123   124   125   126   127   128   129   130   131   132   133   134   135   136   137   138   Наступна

ANCIENT STRUCTURES | Use the information in the text to answer the questions (1-6) below about 1) The Great Wall of China and 2) the first pyramid in Egypt. | Now complete the definitions (1-8) with the words from the module. | Read the following text and fill in the gaps. Use the words from the boxes below. | PRE-LISTENING | WHILE-LISTENING | POST-LISTENING | EGYPT GREAT PYRAMIDS | Read the following text. Complete the text by putting a word or number from the box below in each space (1-10). | Read the following text. |

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