A Choose the correct response. Listen and check

  1. Add these sentences with correct variant according to the text. Using as a plan speak briefly about Water Supply
  2. B) Read the text and check.
  3. B) Work in pairs. Look at the pictures of stationary. Put the words below in the correct order to match pictures.
  5. C) Think of the possible title to the text, discuss it with your mate and choose the most relevant one. Share your idea with other pairs in class

1. A: I'm on my way to the gym. Fancy coming along?

B: a Thanks, but I'm really tired.

b Yes, that's great!

2. A: Would you like to come to the cinema tonight?

B: a I'd love to, but I really can't.

b I'm sorry, I wouldn't like it.

3. A: How about going shopping this afternoon?

B: a I think you're right.

b That would be really great!

B Listen again and underline the stressed words.

Listen to the conversation between two friends and mark the statements as true (T) or false (F).

A1Katie goes to the supermarket with her parents every week.

1 True 2 False

A2Katie thinks that if s safe to buy goods on the Internet.

1 True 2 False

A3 Goods that Katie orders online sometimes get lost in the post.

1 True 2 False

A4Ron is happy to buy something that he's only seen in a photograph.

1 True 2 False

A5Ron and Katie agree that returning items is a disadvantage of online shopping.

1 True 2 False

A6 Katie is going to help Ron choose a present for his brother.

1 True 2 False


8. Write a short paragraph about yourself (50 words). Include:

- how much money you get

- where you get your money from

- what you spend your money on

- whether you are good with money


Work in groups. Discuss the following statement, give your reasons.

The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.


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