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The first one is done for you

  1. A) Read the first part of negotiations between Martin, Sales Managerof Pulse, an electric-car company, and Chen, an official from the UrbanTransport Department of a city in China.
  2. A. First Impressions
  3. Actress, had made her first great success in London.
  4. And gave him her lips. He kissed her tenderly. It was the first time he had ever
  5. B) Complete the sentences, using the words from Ex. 3. a). Three of them are used twice. The first one is done for you.
  6. But the ten A.M. appointment was a bad sign. It meant that he would be first on

E. g.: spheres ® various


13 i) Cross out one odd word in each line. The first one was done for you:

1)institute, university, school, academy;

2)lecture, seminar, laboratory test, lesson;

3)library, laboratory, reading hall, assembly hall;

4)freshman, applicant, sophomore, junior;

5)Physics, the German language, Mathematics, Chemistry;

6)group register, coursework, dissertation work, diploma work;

7)engineering, architectural, economical, philological;

8)to finish, to end, to graduate from, to enter;

9)senior, undergraduate, graduate, freshman;

10)seldom, usually, often, sometimes;

11)university, faculty, admissions office, specialist;

12)to develop, institution, to divide, to spend;

14. a) Pre-reading task 1. Answer the following questions. 1)What is, to your opinion, "research work"? Give the definition of this word combination. What kinds of research work do you know? 2)Being a student of what course did you write your first term-paper?3)Do you think writing a diploma work is difficult?4)Have you ever written any articles? Do you want to?5)How do you think: is it necessary and useful for a student to carry out any research work? Why? Pre-reading task 2. Work in pairs. What do you associate the definition "research work" with? Try to find as many nouns, related to the word combination "research work", as possible, and insert them into the spider-scheme. 14. b) Read the following text and be ready to do exercises after it. STUDENTS RESEARCH WORK
Institutes and Universities draw students into research work from the very beginning of their studies. Student participation in research is one of the most effective methods for training highly-qualified professionals. Conducting research1 students improve their knowledge and put into practical use the things they learn at lectures, seminars and laboratories. It helps them realize2 the practical value of their knowledge3, to master4 the basic experimental techniques, to learn how to handle the modern equipment and analyze the results of the experiment. Such students graduate as highly-qualified specialists. And this is one of the most important tasks facing higher schools. Great attention is paid to the work of Students' Scientific Societies. Contests5, competitions and exhibitions, based on students' researches have become a tradition. Every year student contests are held for the best research project. The winners get medals and diplomas. As a rule, students write their term papers6 and graduation projects on the problems of their research work. They handle experimentalequipment6, conduct 8 theoretical investigations9, read scientific literature. Term papers, research works, graduation projects of practical important to industry are the stages of making students highly-qualified thinking specialists ready for independent work even before they get their diplomas.   1 - проводити дослідження 2- розуміти 3 - цінність знань 4- оволодівати 5 - конкурс 6 - керувати обладнанням 7- курсова робота. 8- проводити 9- дослідження

14 с) Answer the following questions. Give the full answer:

1)Why do higher schools draw students into research work?

2)What traditions do Students' Scientific Societies uphold?

3)How does scientific research help students in writing their term papers and carrying out graduation projects?

4)What are the stages of making students highly-qualified professionals?

5)What is the most effective method of training highly-qualified professionals?

14. d) Comment on the following statements:

1)Students who take part in research work become highly-qualified specialists.

2)Student research is of great importance for writing term papers and graduation projects.3)One of the most effective methods for training qualified specialists is student participation in research. 15. Read and translate this dialogue, paying attention to the words in italics.

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