Complete the word puzzle using the text and clues below

  1. Add these sentences with correct variant according to the text. Using as a plan speak briefly about Water Supply
  2. Agree or disagree with the following statements using appropriate phrases.
  3. Amusing, rather touching trait, now revolted her.
  4. Answers using the nouns or adjectives from task 1.
  5. B) Compare the FED, the CBR and the Bank of England, using information from the unit.
  6. B) Complete the sentences, using the words from Ex. 3. a). Three of them are used twice. The first one is done for you.
  7. B) Retell the text above using the phrases in italic type.
  f         t    
  2.           n a l  
  3.   c   n       c  
      u d        
  5.   e     s  
  6.         h      
7.           r       y  


1. Chairs (кафедри) are grouped into these objects according to the sphere of education. 2. Ukraine's President granted the Technical University of Poltava with this status. 3. Faculty of PNTU closely connected with finances. 4.Person that studies in higher educational establishment. 5. Students are provided with hostel accommodation,___ , sports libraries and computers. 6. Somebody who teaches students. 7. Higher educational establishment.

6. Make up a dialogue about the Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratuik University using The Useful Language Box below.

The Useful Language Box  
I'm in my first year at university. Я студент першого курсу університету
What year are you in? На якому Ви курсі?
She is a third year student. Вона на третьому курсі.
Is there a postgraduate course at your university? У вашому університеті є аспірантура?
What departments are there in this university? Які факультети у цьому університеті?
What subjects do you study at the first year? Які предмети вивчаєте на першому курсі.
I major in descriptive geometry. Мій профілюючий предмет - нарисна геометрія.
Do the students go to the University free of charge? Навчання в університеті безкоштовне?

A. You are going to enter the Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratuik University, oil and gas department. Your friend is a student of the same department. You want to know as much as possible about your future place of studying. So, ask your friend about the departments, the buildings, the schedule, the subjects they take, the library, the sports life, hostels and cultural life of the University.

B.Your friend is going to enter the Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratuik University, oil and gas department. He (she) asks your lots of questions about the University and students' life. Answer his (her) questions and try to let him (her) know that this University is one of the best in Ukraine. Don't forget to mention that this University is the highest level educational establishments.

7. Ann is going to enter the Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratuik University, the - the civil engineering department. She asks Bohdan a lot of questions about the University and student life. Complete this dialog with proper words using information from the text. Match Ann's questions with Bohdan's answers. The first one is done for you. Will Ann enterPoltava National Technical Yuri Kondrauik University? Why do you think so?

Ann   Bohdan
1. Ann: You know that I've come to Poltava to get some information about your university. I want to enter it. b a) В:Yes students are provided not only with hostel accommodation, but with ___, ___ ___ and computers.
2. A: Please, tell me about your university. Is it an old institution?_ b) Bohdan: lt is rather old. Our institute (as it was called then) was founded in___.
3. A: As I know, it's one of the biggest educational institutions in Poltava. Where is it situated?_ c) В: That will be fantastic. You're sure to like it.
4. A: How many faculties are there at the University?_ d) B: lt's about 10 000 students.  
5.A: I hear, there is also a ___department. Is it really so?_ e) B: Cheer up! I'll help you, I'm your cousin.
6. A: What is the student body of the university?_ f) В: Yes, of course, we have got an extra-mural department where part-time students study.
7. A: What subjects do you study at the first year?_ g) B: We study higher mathematics, ___ geometry, history, Ukrainian and foreign languages.
8. A:What do you think about the university?_ h) B: Our University is situated in the 1-st of May Avenue, in a beautiful place.
9. A: Are students provided with hostel accommodation?_ i) В: There are ___ faculties.
10. A:Now I see that your University is the one I'd like to enter. But it won't be easy for me because my knowledge is rather poor._ j) В:Going to university is fun and useful


Speak on the following, using active vocabulary:

ü Do you think there should be private or state Universities? Why? Give your reasons. Why did you choose your University?

ü Do you think higher education should be free or free-paying? Why? Give your reasons. Why did you choose your University?

ü What do you like and dislike in the system of higher education of our country? What would you like to change if you could?

9. a) Do you know who Yuri Kondratuik is? What was his role in astronautics? Have you ever visited the Cosmonautics Museum in Poltava?

Read the following text:

Yuri Kondratuik (his real name was Alexander Shargey) was born June 9 (21), 1897 in Poltava, Ukraine. In 1914, the 17-year old apprentice1 in a small town of Poltava begins a fundamental2 work 'on identification of the rocket flight basics' without any previous3 knowledge of world science achievements in this field. Shargey was not able to graduate from the Petrograd Poly-Technical Institute due to enrollment4 to the front during the First World War. Being a pacifist, Shargey actually fought for none. However, he was considered5 an enemy by the new communist power. That is why he had to conceal6 himself, suffer7 from hunger and poverty8 for the next few years, but never parted9 with his notes and went on with research. In order to escape from political persecution10 Shargey changes his name and biography. He is Yuri Kondratuik now and this name will become known to the world. In 1927, Yuri Kondratuik came to Novosibirsk (Russia). Two years before he had sent his work 'Conquering11 of Interplanetary Space' to Moscow. Despite12 the appraisal13 of many scholars14, the publishing of this work was suspended15 and Kondratuik published it on his own costs16. He was arrested. Oddly17 enough, but his only crime was that he built the world's biggest granary18 using no nails (there was a shortage19 of nails at that time). During his imprisonment20, the scientist worked out an unusual project of wind-electric power plant21 without any previous experience in this field. His project was acknowledged22 the best. Yuri Kondratuik never saw his giant wind-electric power plant23in work. Completely disappointed, he joined the Soviet army soon after the beginning of the World War II and died in a battle in 1942. The real name of the 'Moon Route' inventor24 was revealed only in 1970. Even now scholars are amazed25 by his genius. One of the Moon craters, as well as a small planet has been named after Kondratuik. To date, his inventions26, each one being a revelation27, and his destiny torn28 into pieces by history are depicted29 in books and numerous publications.   1- учень 2- фундаментальний 3- попередній 4- зарахування 5- вважався 6- переховуватися 7- страждати 8- бідність 9- розлучатися 10- переслідування 11- підкорення 12- незважаючи 13- оцінка 14- учені 15- призупиняти 16- кошти 17- дивно 18- зерносховище 19- дефіцит 20- тюремне ув'язнення 21- вітрова електростанція 22- визнаний 23- вітрова електростанція 24- винахідник 25- дивуватися 26- винахід 27- відкриття 28- розірваний 29- зображений

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