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Exercise 3. Point out mood auxiliaries and modal verbs. Translate into Russian

  1. A) Read and translate the text to know more about Sochi.
  2. A) translate the illustrative examples into Russian;
  3. B) Has the situation changed since 1995? Prove your point of view.
  4. B) Make up dialogues discussing the points above.
  5. B) Present them in a short review and compare the information and viewpoints in Text (a) and Text (b).
  6. B) Suggest the English versions in 3 grammatical forms for the following verbs. The example was done for you.
  7. b) Use the word combinations from the table in 9. a) and translate the following sentences into English.

1. If Savina were with him at this moment, his doubts and loneliness would evaporate. (Wilson) 2. She felt if she could lose herself in her mother's arms she would be able to endure the pain that was so intense. (Caldwell) 3. Herzog pictured what might have happened if instead of listening so intensely and thoughtfully he had hit Madeleine in the face. (Bellow) 4. When she's alone and humiliated and broken it would be dreadful if she had nowhere to go. (Maugham) 5. I think, if he wouldn't mind, 1 should rather Hke him to spare me five minutes. (Snow) 6. If the tradition be ever broken it will be for an abler man than Stephen. (Shaw) 7. Jeff wished to suggest that it might be best if he went back to Lord's Creek. (Caldwell) 8. It would be worse than before if I should lose you now. (Greene) 9. I left a message for him... that I should be glad to see him for a moment on a matter of importance for himself, and that if he would look in here when he was passing he would be welcome. (Shaw) 10. He wondered what Bob Watson would say and do if he should happen to see one of his tenants' crops in that condition. (Caldwell) 11. My shirt and trousers, stained with heat, dew, grass, and the Kentish soil on which I had slept - and torn besides-might have frightened the birds from my aunt's garden, as I stood at the gate. (Dickens) 12. She thrilled from head to toe at the question. A piece of ice dropped down her back could not have startled her more. (Dreiser) 13. I should tell your son to keep away from him if I were you. (A. Wilson) 14. If I had gone overseas, instead of him, I might have learned something and been somebody. (Baum) 15. If she could have been compressed to about three quarters of her actual width, she would have been very attractive. (Amis)

Exercise 4. Insert the appropriate form of the Subjunctive Mood. Comment on the form and the use of the Subjunctive Mood. Translate into Russian (simple sentences, conditional sentences, adverbial clauses of purpose and concession).

1. She wanted him to be a member of Parliament only that he __ a claim on the gratitude of his party, (to have) (Maugham) 2. God __ me from such friends in future, (to save) (Lindsay) 3. Andrews turned up the collar of his coat, lest he __ (to recognize- passive) (Greene) 4. I am prepared to gratify all your whims, however unreasonable they __ (to be) (Maugham) 5. Do you think she __ and have lunch with me if I "her? (to come, to telephone) (Hansford Johnson) 6. "Oh God __ you! How could you strike an otd woman like that?" (to forgive) (Shaw) 7. Tell them I leave my country that I __ free, and it is the end and the beginning, (to be) (Buck) 8. "Mr. Penty," said the doctor.... "in my experience, very few people are perfectly well, although they __ they are." (to imagine) (Priestley) 9. I keep a diary in order to enter the wonderful secrets of my life. If I __ them down, I __ probably __ all about them, (to write - negative, to forget) (Wilde) 10. He seemed to be dozing when she returned, and she put the low fire together very softly lest she __ him. (to awake) (Dickens) 11. Whatever your father __ once __, to day he's decay; he's age; he's everything that's corrupt and evil, (to be) (Gow and D'Usseau) 12. God __ for her kind heart, (to thank - passive) (Lindsay) 13. If necessary, 1 could cable her to tell her his address in order that she __ Australia without seeing him. (to leave - negative) (Shute) 14. I __ you if I __ a way out, but there isn't one. (to press - negative, to see) (Maugham) 15. It was plain that however conscientious Cassilis __, however desperately hard and intelligently he __, he would never get his captaincy, (to be, to work) (Hansford Johnson) 16. And, fearful lest he __ Soames turned away and mounted slowly to his room, (to see - passive) (Galsworthy) 17. This was true, and he __ to meditate on this sad confession if he __ otherwise engaged, (to pause, to be - negative) (Murdoch) 18. He had to admit to himself that whatever Miss Dobb's faults __, she was the right sort of girl to take to a restaurant, (to be) (Lessing)

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