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Exercise 13. Comment on the meaning of modal verbs. Translate into Russian (shall, will)

  1. A) Read and translate the text to know more about Sochi.
  2. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  3. A) translate the illustrative examples into Russian;
  4. Activity of the Priamurskiy Department of the Imperial Russian Geographic Society
  5. B) Comment on the fragments above.
  6. B) Suggest the English versions in 3 grammatical forms for the following verbs. The example was done for you.
  7. b) Use the word combinations from the table in 9. a) and translate the following sentences into English.

1. "Don't want it, thanks. Finish it yourself." "Shall I? or shall I keep it for an emergency?" (Priestley) 2. No, Hubert; no chivalry and that sort of nonsense. You shan't have all this beastliness alone. I'm going to share it. (Galsworthy) 3. I ask your advice; and I am waiting for it. I will not have all the responsibility thrown on my shoulders. (Shaw) 4. El lean: I will offer to go down to the village with Paula this morning - shall I? Aubrey (touching her hand gently): Thank you - do. (Pinero) 5....I am yours for ever and ever. Nothing can or shall divide me from you, unless you stop loving. (Galsworthy) 6. Soames lifted his eyes: "I won't have anything said against her," he sa!d unexpectedly. (Galsworthy) 7. Let snobbish people say what they please: Barbara shall marry not the man they like, but the man I like. (Shaw) 8. Sir George: The fact is, Mrs. Tanqueray, I am not easy in my mind about the way I am treating my poor old mother. Lady Orreyed (to Paula): Do you hear that? That's his mother, but my mother he won't so much as look at. (Pinero) 9. And now, Dr. Trench, since you have acted handsomely, you shall have no cause to complain of me. There shall be no difficulty about money; you shall entertain as much as you please: I will guarantee all that. (Shaw) 10. "If I could have a picture of you, I should treasure it." "Of course you shall!" (Galsworthy) 11. I've told you over and over again that I will not be inter-; fered with when I'm playing patience. (Maugham) 12. Will you have rum in your tea? (Galsworthy) 13. I've proved to you that I love you more than anybody else loves you and still you won't leave that Glenn Kenworthy and go with me. (Caldwell) 14. Barbara. I will not have Charles called Cholly: the vulgarity of it positively makes me iil. (Shaw) 15. Only don't talk to me about divorce, for I simply won't hear of itl (Murdoch)! 16. Princess. You must come and see me and you shall tell me! all the news of home. (Maugham) 17....he won't see a doctor,] or take any advice. He won't see anyone. (Galsworthy) IS, The! editors, subeditors, associate editors, most of them... are men wha| wanted to write and who have failed. And yet they, of all crea-1 tures under the sun the most unfit, are the very creatures whoi decide what shall and what shall not find its way into print.. J (London)

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