Exercise 33. Insert articles where necessary

  3. Articles of Incorporation
  4. B) Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions where necessary. The table from Ex.6a) may be helpful for you.
  5. B) Reread the article more carefully and underline the parts where conditions for avoiding banking problems in transition economies are mentioned.
  6. C) somewhere, anywhere, nowhere.
  7. Complete each of these sentences with the appropriate form of a word partnership from Exercise 4

(B) Few, little.

1.. __ mother and I are planning to go to __ country for __ few days. (Dreiser) 2. It was __ cold, windy evening and there were __ few people in __ Park. 3. __ few words that I have to add to what 1 have written, are soon penned. (Dickens) 4. We needn't take. __ porter. We have __ little luggage. 5. When you've wanted something very badly and it comes at last, it is somehow __ little frightening. (Maugham) 6. __ little I have to say can be said in __ few minutes. 7. I am commonly __ man of __ few words. (Dickens) 8. One morning, when Rose was alone in __ breakfast-parlour, Harry Maylie entered; and, with some hesitation, begged __ permission to speak with her for __ few moments. (Dickens) 9. What __ little light there was came from one small window. (Priestley) 10. He paused, wishing he had not mentioned that fact. It was __ slip of __ tongue, one of __ few he ever made, due to __ peculiar pressure of __ situation. (Dreiser) 11. Oh, I know there's no danger, but I'm __ little frightened all __ same. (Greene) 12. Well, for instance, why don't you tell me about your sister? She always sounds fascinating, from __ little I hear, but I've no real idea what she's like. (Hansford Johnson) 13. __ old man replied that there were __ few grown persons as trustworthy or as careful as she [Nell]. (Dickens) 14. Harriet closed her coat quickly and walked __ little faster. (/. Shaw)15. We can't disguise from ourselves that there's __ little hope. (Greene) 16. He accepted willingly my invitation to remain for __ few days in my apartment. (Maugham) 17. I seem to have forgotten __ little I ever knew. (Conan Doyle) 18. He tried to orient himself by : __ stars; but it was __ cloudy night and __ few stars that were visible did not announce any constellation that he could recognize. (Murdoch) 19. Carie expostulated, begged, was very angry, even wept __ little, and then suddenly capitulated. (Buck) 20. Luf- kin's tastes were austere. He spent __ little on himself. (Snow) 21. I see very __ few women; but those are __ women of rank. (James) 22. Mary offered to lend __ little she had. (E. Bronte) 23. I've travelled __ little, but not enough. (Hansford Johnson) 24. Surely, during __ few hours he might pass in _ cottage it would be easy for her to keep out of his way. (Marryat) 25. She respected him mightily but gave him __ very little thought. (Buck) 26. When __ winter came... he suffered __ good deal from - cold and __ hunger, and often had to go to __ bed without any supper but __ few dried pears or some hard nuts. (Wilde) 27. He was one of __ few men of science who never terrified me, probably because he never behaved like __ doctor. (Lee)

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