Exercise 30. Insert articles where necessary

  3. Articles of Incorporation
  4. B) Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions where necessary. The table from Ex.6a) may be helpful for you.
  5. B) Reread the article more carefully and underline the parts where conditions for avoiding banking problems in transition economies are mentioned.
  6. C) somewhere, anywhere, nowhere.
  7. Complete each of these sentences with the appropriate form of a word partnership from Exercise 4

(D) Names of meals.

1. He said he had letters to write and if I would allow him, would remain in his room till __ dinner was ready. (Jerome K. Jerome) 2. He came in one morning when I was having - breakfast on __ terrace of __ hotel and introduced himself. (Maugham) 3. I saw to it that he had __ good dinner. (Jerome K. Jerome) 4. We had __ cold bacon for __ lunch that day. There was not much of it. I took it to be __ bacon we had not eaten for - breakfast. But on __ clean dish with parsley it looked rather neat. (Jerome K. Jerome) 5. Mr. Clay settled back in his chair, savoring his drink, expecting __ good dinner. (/. Shaw)6. __ dinner was very sound. (Bennett) 7. Come and have __ tea on __ deck. (Bennett) 8. They had __ supper in __ silence. (Murdoch) 9. __ little expedition down __ river was delightful, and __ little room overlooking __ river into which they were shown for __ dinner was delightful. (Dickens) 10. In __ tiny dining-room, we were having __ excellent dinner, cooked by Mary Osbaldiston-.. (Snow) 11. She... began to dress for __ dinner to which she had been invited. (Austen) 12. When he arrived... __ famous Contract was at __ dinner. (Dreiser) 13. When they arrived and mounted __, stairs, Stefan behaved as usual, and soon they were eating. __ supper which Jan had prepared. (Murdoch) 14. He assisted her... in setting forth __ neat luncheon, consisting of __ cold chicken, __ ham and __ tarts. (Ch. Bronte) 15. __ dinner was __ grand one. (Austen) 16. I shall be glad to see you at __ lunch at half past one. (Shaw) 17. He had given me __ dinner, and __ good one. (Snow)

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