Exercise 28. Insert articles where necessary

  3. Articles of Incorporation
  4. B) Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions where necessary. The table from Ex.6a) may be helpful for you.
  5. B) Reread the article more carefully and underline the parts where conditions for avoiding banking problems in transition economies are mentioned.
  6. C) somewhere, anywhere, nowhere.
  7. Complete each of these sentences with the appropriate form of a word partnership from Exercise 4

(C)Bed, school, prison, town.

1. It was eleven o'clock. Annette was still in __ bed. (Murdoch) 2. Stefan, who had been sitting on the edge of __ bed, came near to her and smiled for __ first time. (Murdoch) 3. May comb was __ old town. (Lee) 4. Dolores said nothing all __ way to __ town. (/. Shaw)5. Yes, he and my brother had been to __ school together. (Snow) 6. Before that she had taught history in __ girls' school. (Murdoch) 7. __ school was not __ particularly good one. (Conan Doyle) 8. I never knew __ lawyer yet who didn't threaten to put me in __ prison sooner or later. (Shaw) 9. Steger next visited __ county jail, close on to five o'clock, when it was already dark. (Dreiser) 10. In all probability he was already in - town. (Austen) 11. Among other public buildings in __ certain town... there is one anciently common to most towns, great or small... - __ workhouse. (Dickens) 12. After leaving __ school, I became clerk to her father. (Lindsay) 13. She graduated from __ Pedagogical Institute __ year ago and now she is working at __ school in __ village near Leningrad. 14. __ prison where Little Dorrit was born was called "The Marshalsea". 15. I haven't done anything that warrants my running away or going to __ prison, either. I'm merely going there to save time at __ present. (Dreiser) 16. It was in my walk that night, and in __ sleepless hours which followed when I lay in. __ bed, that __ thought first occurred to me which afterwards shaped itself into __ settled resolution* (Dickens) 17. He told with __ perfect truth... how he had in time been released from __ prison. (Dickens) 18. "When you think of me at all, John, let it only be as __ little child you have seen grow up in __ prison. (Dickens) 19. You take your man home, Mrs. Dubedut, and get him to __ bed before eleven. (Shaw)20. I'm going to be out of __ town for a few days. So I may not even see you again. (Faulkner) 21. Unless we can give __ rector. __ bed he had nowhere to lay his head this night. (Shaw) 22. Who could be in - _ prison __ quarter of __ century, and be prosperous! (Dickens)

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