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B) Match the words and their definitions

  1. A) In what context do you think the following words and phrases will appear in the text?
  2. A) Match the words and their definitions
  3. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  4. And made love with all their clothes on, their mouths glued together. When they
  5. And to balance it a photograph of Roger, their son.
  6. B) Ask your fellow-students to give their responses.
  7. B) Complete the sentences, using the words from Ex. 3. a). Three of them are used twice. The first one is done for you.
1) a supplier 2) a retailer 3) a wholesaler 4) an invoice 5) an order 6) turnover a) a request by a customer for goods or services b) a document sent by a seller to a customer that lists the goods sold and says how much they cost c) a person or company that sells a particular type of product to a customer d) the value of the goods or services sold during a certain period of time e) a person or company that sells goods in large quantities to businesses f) a company or a person that sells goods to members of the public


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Read this short presentation of the management team of this British company. Then write the correct letters (a-n) in the right places in the organization chart. | Match the jobs in the company with their descriptions | Complete this extract from a company report with appropriate words or phrases from Exercise 1. | Annual report | Rules of presentations | D) Choose the correct word pairs to fill in the blanks | Read the passage about the rules of e-mail writing | The real value of managing information and people | Complete the gaps with the correct words from the first paragraph of the text | Read the article |

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