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Complete the gaps with the correct words from the first paragraph of the text

  1. A Choose the correct response. Listen and check.
  2. A) In what context do you think the following words and phrases will appear in the text?
  3. A) Match the words and their definitions
  4. A) Read the first part of negotiations between Martin, Sales Managerof Pulse, an electric-car company, and Chen, an official from the UrbanTransport Department of a city in China.
  5. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  6. A. First Impressions
  7. Actress, had made her first great success in London.

a) A ____ is a person or organization that does something that has not been done before. (7 letters)

b) If you collect information, you _______ it. (6 letters)

c) If you ____ information, you try to make it easier to use, understand, etc. (7 letters)

d) An economic ______ is a time when business activity goes down. (8 letters)

e) You say that something _______ happened when you want to talk about what really happened, not what might have happened. (8 letters)

f) _______ is another word for 'costs'. (8 letters)

g) _______is money from sales. (7 letters)

h) If you _____ people in a particular way, you manage them in that way. (5 letters)

Choose the correct summary sentence to the first paragraph

SAS got through the economic downturn ...

a) but profits increased and some employees lost their jobs.

b) but it made a loss; however, everyone kept their jobs.

c) and the company even grew during that time.

Choose the correct synonym to the words in bold

1) There is a downside.

a) disadvantage b) disagreement c) disappointment

2) SAS does not pay the highest wages ...

a) earning b) salaries c) payments

3) ... in its sector.

a) segment b) industry c) area

4) But it is a successful business with low staff turnover.

a) few employees who leave

b) low sales per employee

c) few employees who sell

5) Most employees seem happy with the deal, .. .

a) location and salary

b) healthcare and sports centers

c) pay and benefits

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