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The real value of managing information and people

  1. A) Read the text about robots and find the information to answer the questions
  2. Actress in England. There are only three people who bring money into the
  3. Asking for Information
  4. Audio "Woodworking Information - Different Types of Wood".
  6. B) Compare the FED, the CBR and the Bank of England, using information from the unit.
  7. B) Explain the objective of Financial Statements and say what ensures usefulness of information disclosed in them to the users.

(by Stefan Stern)

SAS has been a pioneer in the business of "analytics". This involves not just gathering information, but also processing it and getting the value from it. Its chief executive, Jim Goodnight, says: "When the economic downturn started I told everyone there would be no job losses, that we might have lower profits but that was fine with me," he says. "I didn't care because I prefer keeping everybody's jobs. I think everybody actually worked harder to save money, to cut expenses, to try to bring in more revenue, and we actually ended up growing last year by 2.2 per cent. I always say if you treat people like they make a difference they will make a difference."

SAS has just been named by Fortune magazine as the best company to work for in the US. The on-site perks and benefits at SAS headquarters are remarkable. Medical care, childcare, sports centers, massage, food, hairdressers and a 35-hour week: these all form part of the employee package.

There is a downside. SAS does not pay the highest wages in its sector. But it is a successful business with low staff turnover. Most employees seem happy with the deal, which is designed to make working life easier. It is these software programmers who in turn keep SAS's clients happy.


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