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Annual report

  1. A) Read the following news report and think of a suitable headline for it.
  2. Auditors' Report
  4. Complete this extract from a company report with appropriate words or phrases from Exercise 1.

Alfitel is committed to creating and delivering value - value to its customers, value to its employees and value to the region. Our success in moving towards this goal is most evident in the financial (1)______for this year. Our (2)______ at the close of the year was 140 million euros; that is an (3)______ of 12% over the previous year. This strong (4)______ in a rather difficult year for the economy shows the value of the service the company provides to its (5)______ . It also shows the commitment of its staff to this goal.

The pre-tax profit was 15.6 million euros, while the profit after tax was 8.8 million, which is 11 % above that for the previous year.

I would like to congratulate our staff on their outstanding (6)______ . Finally, we all thank you, the (7)______, for your continuing support of the company.

1. a) results b) conclusions c) statistics

2. a) revenue b) cash flow c) share

3. a) asset b) increase c) advantage

4. a) trend b) benefit c) growth

5. a) customers b) buyers c) workforce

6. a) turnover b) subsidiary c) performance

7. a) producers b) shareholders c) stockbrokers


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