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Match the companies to the industry sector they belong to

  1. A) Match the words and their definitions
  3. Applications of Automation and Robotics in Industry
  4. Automation in Industry
  6. B) Match the words and their definitions
  7. B) Say what classes of shares are usually issued by companies and what rights they give their holders.
1) Apple, Dell, IBM, Microsoft 2) Nokia, Samsung, Siemens 3) Ikea, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Zara 4) AP MøIler-Maersk, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Virgin 5) BMW, General Motors, Nissan, Toyota 6) Deutsche Bank, HSBC, PricewaterhouseCoopers 7) Johnson & Johnson, Novartis a) Healthcare b) Financial c) Transport d) Retailing e) IT (Information Technology) f) Electrical/Electronics, g) Engineering

"Company Location"

1. Read the description of the company location. Complete the text with the correct words:factories, head office, local agents, local offices, office, plant, regional headquarters, research and development centers, training centers, warehouses

Our (1) head officeis in London. This is where most of our senior managers work. We also have four (2)______: in Singapore, serving Asia; inBoston, Massachusetts, serving the whole of North America; in Buenos Aires for South America; and in Zurich, for Europe, Africaand the Middle East. We have (3)_____ in seventeen other countries, and in countries where we do not have our own people we usually have (4)________ .

Of course, we make a wide range of products but recently we have closed some (5)______ and reduced the number of products being made at others. However, distribution is still as local as possible and we have (6)______ , depots and distribution centers in almost every country in which we operate.

We have also closed some of the smaller (7)_____ and moved many of our best scientists and technicians to two major centers in France and the United States.

We think that staff development is essential to our present and future success and we run more than 5,000 courses for our employees in the fifty (8)____ which we have across the world.

Well, that's all I want to say about our presence worldwide. Now, if you would like to follow me, first of all I'll show you my (9)______ and then we'll start the tour of the (10)_______ .

"Company Structure"


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