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"Business Sectors"

1. a) Which of these companies do you or would you like to work for?

1) a family-owned company

2) a multinational company

3) your own company (be self-employed)

b) Can you name a company in each of these business sectors? Is there one that you would like to work for?

- Telecommunications/Media - Engineering - Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals - Construction - Banking and finance - Transport - Manufacturing - IT /Electronics - Food and drink - Retailing - Another service industry - Tourism

2. Here are some of the manufacturing industries that make up the manufacturing sector

aerospace planes and space vehicles
cars (BrE) automobiles(AmE) cars
computer hardware computers, printers, etc.
construction buildings
defence (BrE) defense (AmE) arms, weapons
food processing canned,frozen foods, etc.
household goods washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
pharmaceuticals medicines
steel a stronger, more useful metal than iron
textiles cloth and clothes

Here are some of the services or service industries that make up the service sector

catering restaurants, bars, etc.
computer software programs for computers
financial services banking, insurance, etc.
healthcare medical care
leisure sport, theme parks, etc.
media books, newspapers, film, television
property (BrE) real estate (AmE) buying, selling and managing buildings
retail shops
telecommunications phone, Internet services
tourism travel and holidays

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