Career advice for junior managers

  2. An International Career
  3. C) Make up your own dialogues on choosing a career. Use the word combinations in bold type in them.
  4. C) Say in what activities financial managers are involved.
  5. Career benefits

Junior managers who (1)______ a promotion often face many problems when they have more authority and responsibility.

This is partly because everyone expects them to perform to extremely high (2)_____ . In addition, many of their (3)_____ and colleagues are always ready to criticize any serious mistake they may (4)_____ .

What advice can we give to young managers, then? First of all they should have (5)_____ in their own skills and abilities. If they are not sure that they can succeed, they are less likely to perform competently. They should also (6)_____ their progress regularly.

Secondly, they should (7)______ themselves ambitious goals so that through hard work and commitment to the company the can in fact (8)______ them sooner than is expected of them.

That is how they can (9)_____ both personal and professional success.

1 a)take b)get c)earn
2 a)level b)standards c)quality
3a)superiors b)secretaries c)chefs
4 a)do b)make c)show
5 a)confidence b)belief c)strength
6 a)test b)improve c)evaluate
7 a)find b)make c)set
8 a)reach b)move c)work
9 a)achieve b)grow c)demand


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| | These phrases (1-6) all include the word career. Match each of them to its correct meaning (a-f) | Complete each of these sentences with the appropriate form of a word partnership from Exercise 4 | Read the texts and guess the meaning of the words in bold | Read the dialogue and guess the meaning of the words in bold | Complete the sentences with correct words from the dialogue | Reading and Speaking | Read the post from a business blog. Pay attention to the words and phrases in bold | It's time to sack job appraisals |

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