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C) Give your examples of highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled jobs

  1. A) translate the illustrative examples into Russian;
  3. Examples
  4. Exercise 16. Memorize the following expressions and use them in examples, of your own.
  5. I. Examples of slang from the "English-Russian Dictionary of American Slang" by E. I. Tuzovsky.
  6. II. Examples of slang forms from the Dictionary "ABC of Dirty English" by A. Kudryavtsev, G. Kuropatkin1.

A) Match the adjectives with their general meaning

These words are often used in job advertisements. Companies look for people who are:

self-starters, proactive, self-motivated, self-driven good with computers
methodical, systematic, organized goodwithnumbers
computer-literate naturally very good at what they do
numerate good at working on their own
motivated people who work well with other people
talented very keen to do well in their job.
team players can work in a planned, orderly way

B) Complete these extracts from job advertisements using words from the table

1) You'll need to be---- _______, as you'll be working on financial budgets.

2) As part of our sales team, you'll be working independently, so you have to be self- ______ and self-_________.

3) We're looking for someone who can work on ten projects at once. You must be _______ , _______ and _________ .

4) You'll be researching developments on the Internet, so you have to be ___ - ____ . You must be ______ ,able to work on your own initiative, and a ______ . But as part of a team of researchers, you need to be a good ____ - _____ .

5) We need _______ journalists who are very good at their job and extremely ________ to find out as much as they can.

C) Answer the questions

Does your university prepare people for specific jobs?

What sort of people does your organization look for in its recruitment?

What sort of person are you?

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