Complete each of these sentences with the appropriate form of a word partnership from Exercise 4

  1. A) What is the purpose of foundations? Express your opinion in 3-5 sentences.
  2. Add these sentences with correct variant according to the text. Using as a plan speak briefly about Water Supply
  3. Agree or disagree with the following statements using appropriate phrases.
  4. And write your own sentences with the same word-combinations,
  5. Another room or another floor. Can you disconnect all these tubes so we can
  6. Ask all the possible questions to the following sentences
  7. B) Complete the sentences, using the words from Ex. 3. a). Three of them are used twice. The first one is done for you.

1) In banking, you can ___ with the big bonuses and retire at 35.

2) When you ___ , you can arrange your own schedule, so this is very convenient when you have children.

3) People who work in sales often have the opportunity to ___on top of a basic salary.

4) Luke is ambitious and does not want to be a sales assistant all his life. In fact, he hopes to ___ and become Assistant Manager very soon.

5) Many students ___ when they are at university because it fits in with their studies.

6) Goran is 59, but he does not want to ___ . In fact, he is taking on more work!

"Work and Jobs"

1. Complete the text with the following phrases:

responsibilities work on work with work under work for deal with run manage responsible for in charge of make sure

Kerstin is talking about her job:

"I (1) ___a large European car maker. I (2) ___car design. In fact, I (3) ___the design department and I (4) ___a team of designers: 20 people (5) ___me. It's very interesting. One of my main (6) ___is to (7) ___that new model designs are finished on time. I'm also (8) ___design budgets.

I (9) ___a lot of different people in the company. I'm (10) ___co-ordination between design and production: I (11)___managers at our manufacturing plants".

2. Complete the sentences with the following words in the correct form: involve, look, be in charge, make sure, deal, be responsible

1. Marcel Lacour works for Research & Development. His job ___ developing new products and new ideas.

2. Tatiana Vasilieva is the receptionist. She ___ after visitors and takes messages.

3. Kate Hughes works for Administration and Personnel. She ___ with staff problems as well as with recruitment and training.

4. Linda Eriksen is our Quality Control Inspector. She ___ for monitoring our products and trying to improve their quality.

5. Sergio Carboni is our new Maintenance Engineer. He checks all our equipment regularly and ___ of all repairs.

6. Zoltan Jilly is our Security Officer. He ___ that our staff and premises are protected against crime.

3. Speak about your present/future job using the following words and phrases and the text in ex.6 as an example

I am a ... I work in/for/on/with ... I am responsible for/in charge of ... run manage make sure deal with spend a lot of time on clients/customers/business partners report meet go on business prepare (financial) reports have important meetings/negotiations discuss figures/projects/sales talk about market strategies/business targets negotiate conclude/sign contracts

4. Read the word combinations with WORK. Then complete the text with correct preposition

"... The economy is growing fast and more people are in work than ever before. The percentage of people out of work has fallen to its lowest level for 30 years".

Rebecca lives in London and works in public relations. She leaves home 1)___ work at 7.30 am. She drives (2) ___ work.The traffic is often bad and she worries about getting (3) ___ work late, but she usually arrives (4) ___ work at around nine. She finishes work quite late, at about eight. 'Luckily, I'm never ill,' she says.'I could never take the time (5) ___ work.'

She loves what she does and is glad to be (6) ___ work. Some of her friends are not so lucky: they are (7) ___ work.


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