Crimes and criminals

1) an arsonist2) a shop-lifter3) a mugger4) an offender5) a vandal6) a burglar7) a murderer8) a kidnapper9) a pickpocket10) an accomplice11) a drug dealer12) a spy13) a terrorist 14) an assassin15) hooligan] 16) a stowaway17) a thief18) a hijacker19) a forger20) a robber21) a smuggler22) a traitor23) a gangster24) a deserter25) a bigamist26) a drug smuggler
Crime Criminal Criminal Act
treason traitor to betray
theft thief to steal
murder murderer to murder
robbery robber to rob
burglary burglar to burgle / to break into
shoplifting shoplifter to shoplift
kidnapping kidnapper to kidnap
rape rapist to rape
arson arsonist to set fire to

* The difference between the verbs: steal and rob. The object of the verb "steal" is the thing which is taken away, e.g. to steal a bike, whereas the object of the verb "rob" is the person or place from which things are stolen, e.g. He was robbed last night. "Steal" is irregular: steal, stole, stolen.

3. ? To steal or to rob? Which verb would you use in the following sentences?

1. The gangsters planned to ____________ a bank.

2. There's a risk that rival companies will ____________ our ideas.

3. I know who ___________ my match.

4. Last night a gang of masked men _________ a shop. They _____ $ 2000..

4. , . ϳ , .

Name the crimes:

1. ____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________

4. ____________________

5. , .

1. Most schools in my country no longer have _______________ punishment.

a) physical b) capital

c) bodily d) corporal

2. The policemen following the robbers were in ______________ clothes.

a) plain b) ordinary

c) normal d) simple

3. The two old ladies were ___________ of their purses.

a) stolen b) attacked

c) robbed d) snatched

4. At the end of the story, the hero manages to arrest the _______________.

a) offenders b) villains

c) wrongs d) evils

5. I had to answer question A because it was _________________.

a) compulsory b) necessary

c) a must d) an obligation

6. Nick could not ____________ having been at the scene of the crime.

a) refuse b) object

c) deny d) alter

7. As there was no evidence, the judge dismissed the _______________.

a) trial b) witness

c) court d) case

8. If your dog damages your neighbor's property, you could be ___________.

a) guilty b) liable

c) payable d) illegal

9. After ten years in prison, Steve was ______________ and set free.

a) pardoned b) released

c) innocent d) forgiven

10. The detective inspector told the young ______________ to make some tea.

a) officer b) official

c) guardian d) police

6. , . .

At his last trial nobody believed in

Nigel's (1) ______. He had been accused of INNOCENT

the (2) ______ of a valuable Chinese vase, and THIEF

was also charged with ten other (3) _________. OFFEND

The value of the (4) _____ goods was said to STEAL

be over 10 000 $. Nigel said in his own (5)

_______ That the vase had been put into his DEFEND

car (6) ______. He also pointed out that the ACCIDENT

Chinese vase was a fake, and was almost (7)

________. The judge did not believe Nigel's WORTH

story. He told Nigel he was a hardened (8)

________ And that he deserved a severe (9) CRIME

________. Then the judge sentenced Nigel to PUNISH

five years (10) ______. Nigel just smiled. He PRISON

had spent most of his life in prison and so

he was used to it.

7. , : accused, evidence, guilty, lawyer, statement, charged, fine, jury, sentence, suspect.

1. The customs officers arrested Rob and _________ him with smuggling. 2. The police spent all morning searching the house for _______. 3. Helen left her car in a no parking area and had to pay a / an ________. 4. Unfortunately at the end of the trial my brother was found ________. 5. The trial took a long time as the _______ could not reach a verdict. 6. Frank won his case because he had a very good defense _______. 7. The police visited Sue and asked her to make a / an _______. 8. Because of his past criminal record, James was the main __________.

9. Kate decided to sue the police because he had been wrongly ________. 10. The murderer of the children received a life ___________.

8.ϳ .

a) I decided to buy a burglar alarm after someone broke ....

b) When Jim was stopped outside the supermarket he ended ....

c) As it was Diana's first offence she was let ....

d) After climbing the prison wall, Keith managed to get ....

e) The old couple who live opposite were taken ....

f) At the end of the trial Tina was found ....

g) My neighbors admitted denting my car but got away ....

h) The bank at the end of the street was held ....

i) Nobody saw Harry cheating and he got away with ....

j) The hijackers took eleven people ....

1. ....... in by a salesman who cheated them out of their money.

2. ....... away by stealing a car parked nearby.

3. ....... up at the police station, charged with shoplifting.

4. ....... it, although everyone suspected what had happened.

5. ....... into my house and stole my stereo.

6. ....... off with only a warning.

7. ....... with paying only 120 $ damages.

8. ....... hostage and demanded 1,000,000 from the authorities.

9. ....... guilty and sentenced to six months in prison.

11. ...... up by two masked men last week.

9. , .

blackmailer, forger, hooligan, murderer, shoplifter, vandal, burglar, hijacker, kidnapper, pickpocket, smuggler, witness.

1. This person takes control of a plane or boat by force. 2. This person sees what happens during a crime or accident. 3. This person brings goods into the country illegally. 4. This person might steal food from a supermarket. 5. this person kills someone on purpose. 6. This person takes people and demands money for their return. 7. This person makes illegal copies of paintings, documents, etc. 8. This person damages other people's property. 9. This person might steal your wallet in a crowd. 10. This person steals from houses. 11. This person gets money from others by threatening to tell secrets. 12. This person causes trouble at football matches.


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