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1. "I have two suitcases and a carry-on baggage," said the passenger.

2. "I do not think I have any goods to declare," she added.

3. "I'm here on business and I'm planning to stay here for two months," she said.

4. "This is my second visit. I was here last spring," the woman said.

5. "I have no alcohol, cigarettes or medicines," she said.

6. "I am not carrying any illegal drugs!" she exclaimed.

7. "These are the presents for my friends I bought yesterday," the passenger said to the customs officer.

8. "I hope that is under the limit," she said.

9. "I was informed about the Customs regulations before," she added.

10. "You have forgotten to declare your currency," reminded the customs officer.

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1. The passenger said that he had filled in the declaration.

2. The captain said that it was prohibited to take those things ashore.

3. The customs officer informed the passenger that he would go through her luggage.

4. The inspector notified the tourists that he was going to run their luggage through the X-ray machine.

5. I told him that I had not been to Columbia for a long time, therefore it was unreasonable to suspect me.

6. The container team officer explained that they thoroughly checked high-risk cargo but they did not normally check low-risk containers.

7. She mentioned to the dog handler that she did not like dogs.

8. She said that her children under 16 were accompanying her.

9. The Customs office chief told his officers that he was pleased with their work.

10. My sister remembered that she had not got a golden ring.

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He told her that ..., she explained that ..., she said that ..., he announced that ..., he added that ..., she answered that ..., he complained that ..., she admitted that ..., he thought that ..., she replied that ..., she suggested that ..., he believed that ..., she answered that ..., he hoped that ..., she felt that ....

Passenger: Excuse me, I have been trying to figure out for half an hour already where I can pass through the customs.

Customs officer: You should go through the Red channel if you have something to declare and through the Green channel if you have nothing to declare.

P.: I do not know what documents are required.

C.O.: Let me see what you have.

P.: I'm afraid I have forgotten to fill in my declaration.

C.O.: Well ... You are to fill in your declaration first and then go through the customs.

P.: I see.

C.O.: You can find forms on the table in the middle of the hall.

P.: Thank you. The problem is I do not know English well enough to fill in a declaration form.

C.O.: There are forms in different languages. You can choose what you need.

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1. "Have you got a permit for duty-free importation of these goods?" the officer asked the businessman.

2. "Do I need to go through the Red channel?" the passenger asked.

3. "Are you feeling sick?" I asked the passenger.

4. "Shall I need an exit permit for this painting?" asked the owner of the art gallery.

5. "Was the box full or empty?" he asked his colleague.

6. "Did you buy this watch in Russia or abroad?" the customs officer asked the passenger.

7. "Have you got a vet certificate?" the vet inspector asked.

8. "Do you understand the question or not?" the officer asked the Chinese tourists.

9. "Are you traveling on business?" the inspector asked me.

10. "Will you be X-raying my camera too?" the tourist asked the officer.

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1. The inspector asked the captain, "What cargo are you carrying?"

2. The passenger asked the officer, "Where can I go through the customs control?"

3. The officer asked me, "What is the purpose of your visit?"

4. The newcomer asked the inspector, "When did you seize the largest concealment of cocaine?"

5. Mary's mother asked her, "Where have you put our passports?"

6. I asked the girl, "Who gave you this watch?"

7. Peter asked me, "When are we going to have the next meeting?"

8. The inspector asked the tourist, "How much do you spend on traveling per year?"

9. The officer asked me, "Where have you arrived from?"

10. Tom asked his friend, "Where will you go to get an exit permit?"

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