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  1. Panadol Extra Soluble Tablets.

The tablet is the most common form for the administration of a drug in a dry state.

A tablet shows definite properties of mechanical strength and is characterized by a definite rate of disintegration with water.

It is observed that tablets can be made from certain drugs, even without addition of auxiliary substances.

But for some drugs, the addition of auxiliary substances is found to be necessary to overcome certain difficulties in their tabletting.

The application of different pressure during tabletting plays a very important role. It helps to avoid unnecessary complications. Tablets which should dissolve in the mouth, must be more strongly compressed than other tablets for internal administration.

Another important effect of higher pressures is an increase in friction, which demands the use of greater amounts of lubricants and glidants. Glidants are added to the tablets to improve their flow properties.

Words to the text:

auxiliary substances - вспомогательные вещества

definite - определенный

properties - свойства

certain - некоторый

addition - добавление

overcome - преодолеть

friction - трение

demand - требовать

lubricant - смазывающее вещество

glidant - скользящее вещество

flow properties - скользящие свойства

Ex.5 Переведите русские слова каждого предложения, используя данные слова: to state, to find, to be necessary, to know:

1. Известно, that the tablet is the most common form of a drug.

2. Было установлено, that a tablet shows definite properties of mechanical strength.

3. Было необходимо to avoid unnecessary complications.

4. Было обнаружено, that another important effect of higher pressure is an increase in friction.


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