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know your sister?
be busy?
Can he be ill?
be tired?
be hungry?


Can he be sleeping? working hard? watching TV? having dinner? playing football?
Can he have forgotten your address? lost your book? missed the train? caught cold? fallen ill? left the country? sold his piano? bought a car?


, 䳺 , , , , ,, , , 䳺 can not . "

1. "But they can not be as bad as he!" 2. Can you tell me the way to the nearest post office? 3. A little bit of boiled fish can not hurt you, you know. 4. Could you help me with the translation of this article? I am afraid I can not do it alone. 6. He shut himself up in the study for the whole day, and I could see through the window that he was writing busily. 6. Can she have been waiting for us all this time? 7. She can not come tomorrow because they will be working the whole day. 8. I simply could not refuse: they would have been hurt. 9. He was not old. He could not have been more than forty. 10. Could you

leave the boy here for half an hour? I want him to help me. 11. "Oh!" she cried in surprise, "it's impossible! You can not have done it!" 12. The island can be reached by boat or even on foot when the tide is low.


, , , 䳿 .

- E.g. Yesterday I sawPete in the assembly hall.

You can not have seenPete in the assembly hall yesterday.

1. The teacher permitted us to use the dictionary. 2. Nick got up at seven and did his morning exercises. 3. It was Kate who aired the room. 4. There were a lot of pupils in the library yesterday. 5. It was John who broke the radio set. 6. I saw Ann in the library yesterday. 7. Boris was in the canteen five minutes ago. 8. Robert took two bags with him.

9. That was Ann who plugged in the tape recorder.

10. Nick has been doing the recording for two hours
already. 11. It was Mary who rewound the tape.
12. The teacher let me take the tape home.


, , , 䳿 .

- E.g. This old bracelet was foundin Africa.

This old bracelet can not have been foundin Africa.

1. This car was produced twenty years ago. 2. These photographs were taken in the north. 3. This tape recording was done last week. 4. James was given an excellent mark in history. 5. Ann was given an excellent mark for her geometry test. 6. This house was built at the beginning of this century.

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7. This tower was built in the 9th century. 8. This book was written by a very good writer. 9. This film was made by a very good director. 10.This play was written by a very clever playwright. 11.This film has been shot in a fortnight. 12.This book was translated into Russian in the 19th century. 13. This castle was built in the 15th century. 14.This picture was painted by an Italian artist. 15.This computer was built ten years ago.

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