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I saw him enter. - I saw him entering. I heard her speak. - I heard her speaking. I noticed him frown. - I noticed him frowning. I felt him tremble. - I felt him trembling

  1. Get an audience to look at you before you speak. You make up too much. With
  2. Leader. Yeah, I heard that story too. Listen, your Mr. Corleone will never know
  3. She heard Michael come in and called out to him.
  4. The undertaker closed his eyes for a moment and then began to speak. His
  5. Завдання 6. Робота з Центром підтримки (Action Center.

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Перефразуйте наступні пропозиції, вживаючи складне доповнення з причастям.

- E.g.He was reading in the garden. She saw him. She saw him readingin the garden.

1. We noticed a man. The man was cleaning his shoes. 2. He saw two girls. They were dancing on the stage. 3. She watched the children. They were running and playing in the garden. 4. I saw her. She was arranging her hair. 5. We saw our neighbour. He was listening to the latest news on the radio.

6. The cat was rubbing itself .on my leg. I felt it.

7. They were fishing. We saw it. 8. The pupils were writing a paper. The teacher watched them.

9. A caterpillar was crawling on my arm. I felt it.

10. We heard I. Arkhipova last night. She was sing
ing a Russian folk song. 11. I watched the sun. It
was rising. 12. I heard him. He was singing an En-

glish song. 13. John heard his sister. She was talking loudly on the veranda. 14. We saw Ben. He was crossing the square. 15. They heard their father. He was playing the piano in the drawing room. 16. I can see the train. It is coming. 17. I watched the rain. It was beating down the flowers in the garden. 18. I saw a group of boys. They were eating ice cream. 19. We noticed a group of people. They were digging potatoes in the field. 20. Did not you see her? She was smiling at you. 21. The girl was singing. I heard her. 22. They were talking about computers. He heard them. 23. You and your friend were walking along the street yesterday. I saw you. 24. The little girls were playing on the grass. We watched them. 25. The ship was leaving the port. He stood and looked at it. 26. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Mother watched her.

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Перефразуйте наступні пропозиції, вживаючи складне доповнення з інфінітивом.

- E.g. He dropped his bag. I saw it. I saw him drophis bag.

1. The boy noticed a bird. It flew on to the bush near the window. 2. Jane saw her neighbour. He opened the door of his flat and went in. 3. I saw him. He pointed to a picture on the wall. 4. I heard him. He shut the door of the study. 5. We saw that the children climbed to the tops of the trees. 6. I noticed that Henry went up and spoke to the stranger. 7. He slipped and fell. I saw it. 8. I heard that she suddenly cried out loudly. 9. She bent and picked up something from the floor. The policeman saw it. 10. I saw that he opened the door and left the room.


Складне доповнення (Complex Object) 359

11. She dropped the cup on the floor and broke it. I saw it. 12. They turned the corner and disappeared. We watched them. 13. The doctor touched the boy's leg. The boy felt it. 14. Pete bought some flowers. His friends saw it. 15. The wounded hunter felt that the bear touched him, but he did not move. 16. Shall we hear it if the telephone rings? 17. Tamara saw that the waves carried the boat away. 18. The ship sailed away from the shore. They saw it. 19. Have you heard how he sings the part of Hermann in Tchaikovsky's "Queen of Spades"?

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Переведіть на російську мову, звертаючи увагу на відтінки значень складного доповнення в залежності від того, чи виражена його друга частина причастям або інфінітивом.

1. Не felt her arm slipping through his. 2. She felt her hands tremble. 3. Now and then he could hear a car passing. 4. He felt his heart beat with joy. 5. He felt his heart beating with joy. 6. She could hear her father walking up and down the picture gallery. 7. We saw him cross the street looking to the left and to the right. 8. I felt the wind blowing through a crack in the wall. 9. We stood on deck and watched the sun going down. 10. I heard him playing the piano in the house. 11. It is nice to see people enjoying themselves. 12. We watched the planes circling above us. 13. Nobody noticed him come in and sit down. 14. I felt Nick put his hand on my shoulder. 15. She felt tears roll down her cheeks.

16. I was so weak that I felt my knees shaking.

17. We saw them jump with parachutes. 18. He heard a car approaching from the opposite direction. 19. In the room he could see a man sitting in an old

urmchair. 20. I heard the door of the entrance hall open and close softly. 21. In the little summerhouse Ht the bend of the garden path he saw someone sitting. 22. He went back to the window and, looking through it, suddenly saw her walking down the path. 23. They all gathered on the hill to watch the sun rise. 24. She watched her mother bending over the tea things. 25. The people living in the north do not see the sun come out for months. 26. The door creaked. He saw Irene come in, pick up the telegram and read it. 27. At the stop she saw another girl waiting for the bus. 28. I heard him tell the teacher about it. 29. I heard him telling the teacher about it. 30. She heard people walking in the corridor. 31. She heard somebody walk up to her door. 32. We saw some people washing clothes in the stream.

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Переведіть на англійську мову, вживаючи складне доповнення з причастям або інфінітивом, в залежності від сенсу.

1. Я чув, як він відкриває двері. 2. Я чув, як він відкрив двері. 3. Я відчув, як він торкнувся моєї руки. 4. Я відчував, що він стосується моєї руки. 5. Я бачив, як птахи летять до лісу. 6. Я побачив, як птахи полетіли до лісу. 7. Ми побачили, що вона перепливає річку. 8. Ми бачили, як вона перепливла річку. 9. Я не помітила, як він поклав лист на стіл. 10. Я бачила, як він поставив свій чемодан у двері. 11. Ми бачили, як вона зійшла з поїзда і пішла у напрямку до кас. 12. Ми спостерігали, як він підійшов до вікна, зупинився, відкрив журнал і став читати. 13. Я відчула, що хтось дивиться на мене справа. 14. Ми бачили, як вона виходила з дому. 15. Він чув, як голова на-


Складне доповнення (Complex Object) 361

кликав його ім'я. 16. Він відчув, що його руки тремтять. 17. Ми чули, як вони весело сміються в сусідній кімнаті. 18. Я помітив, що вона зблідла. 19.Я бачив, що він встав зі стільця і ??пішов до вікна. 20. Мати стежила, як її маленький син чистить зуби. 21. Він спостерігав, як мама миє посуд. 22. Ми бачили, що вони повільно наближаються. 23. Ми побачили, що вони сплять. 24. Він зауважив, що вона здригнулася. 25. Я чув, як він грає на скрипці. 26. Ми чули, як він заговорив з нею по-французьки.

сто стежили за тим, як мавпи грають в клітці. 23. Я часто чую, як він грає у себе в кімнаті. 24. Ви бачили, як бігли ці два хлопчика? 25. Він почув, як на вулиці плаче якась дитина. 26. Діти стояли і дивилися, як плавають ведмеді. 27. Хлопчик стежив за тим, як кішка намагається відкрити двері. 28. Він зауважив, що вони переходять вулицю з двома великими валізами в руках.

I want the work to be done = I want the work done

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