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Active Voice. - .

1. Invitations have been sent to all the old pupils to be present at the school's thirtieth anniversary. 2. All the passengers in the bus were listening to the story of the boy who had been saved from drowning by the quickness of the driver. 3. The work was finished in time. 4. The child is taken care of. 5. This book must be read by every student. 6. This film can be seen at our cinema. 7. Spartan children were taught by their parents to endure all hardships.

8. Which article was translated by your brother?

9. They were being taught drawing at that lesson.

10. This name was seldom mentioned in his novels.

11. I am often told about it. 12. This man has never been spoken of. 13. When was it done? 14. What museums were visited last year? 15. Have your com-

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Passive Voice

positions been handed in? 16. What has been said is true. 17. After the facts had thoroughly been explained to her, she no longer felt worried. 18. He was fined for crossing the street in the wrong place. 19. The Greeks were attacked by the Persians from the sea. 20.This mountain has never been climbed before. 21.She told me that those newspapers had carefully been put away where they would not be lost. 22.Why have these cups been put here in this cupboard? 23.Nick was told to go home at once.

I have not been to Moscow since last year. | , | | Present | | I supposed that my brother would be sleeping. | 262 | Present Simple Passive | 284 | 287 |

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