На головну

Вправа 43

  1. Вібраційне вправу на заземлення
  5. Для чого і коли застосовувати вправу
  6. Для чого і коли застосовувати вправу
  7. Завдання №1. Вправа на саморегуляцію.

Вставте артикль, де необхідно.

Three men came to ... New York for ... holiday. They came to ... very large hotel and took ... room there. Their room was on ... forty-fifth floor. In ... evening ... friends went to ... theatre and came back to ... hotel very late. "I am very sorry," said ... clerk of ... hotel, "but ... lifts do not work tonight. If you do not want to walk up to your room, we shall make ... beds for you in ... hall. " "No, no," said one of ... friends, "no, thank you. We do not want to sleep in ... hall. We shall walk up to our room." Then he turned to his friends and said, "It is not easy to walk up to ... forty-fifth floor, but we shall make it easier. On ... way to ... room I shall tell you some jokes; then you, Andy, will sing us some songs; then you, Peter, will tell us some interesting stories. " So they



began walking up to their room. Tom told them many jokes; Andy sang some songs. At last they came to ... thirty-sixth floor. They were tired and decided to have ... rest. "Well," said Tom, "now it is your turn, Peter. After all ... jokes, I would like to hear ... sad story. Tell us ... long and interesting story with ... sad end. " "... Story which I am going to tell you," said Peter, "is sad enough. We left ... key to our room in ... hall."

... Morning Swift asked ... servant why he had not cleaned ... boots. "What's ... use cleaning ... boots now?" said ... servant. "... Roads are muddy, and ... boots will soon be dirty again." "All right," said ... writer. "Let's go. We must continue ... journey." "But I have not had ... breakfast," said ... displeased servant. "Well, what's ... use giving you ... breakfast now?" said Swift. "You will soon be hungry again."

Запам'ятайте такі конструкції:

The famous English writer Dickens lived in the 19th century.

Dickens, a famous English writer, lived in the 19th century.

Запам'ятайте такі стійкі словосполучення:

on S horseback on - / board a ship

Запам'ятайте такі стійкі словосполучення:

in - fact the same

Запам'ятайте вживання артикля в окличних реченнях, що починаються зі слова what:

What a good boy! What a long story! What a day!

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