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There are many universities in Britain. Good 'A' level results in at least two subjects are necessary to get a place at one. However, good exam results alone are not enough. Universities choose their students after interviews, and competition for places at university is fierce.

Most 18 and 19 year-olds in Britain are fairly independent people. It is very unusual for university students to live at home.

When they first arrive to the college; first year students are called 'freshers'. Freshers live near the campus; they can rent a house in their second or third year. During the first week, all the clubs and societies hold a 'freshers fair'. Students learn how to live alone, also they learn the new way of studying. As well as lectures, there are regular seminars, at which one of a small group of students reads a paper he or she has written. The paper is then discussed by the tutor and the rest of the group.

After three or four years these students will take their finals. Most of them (over 90%) will get a first, second or third class degree and be able to put BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BC (Bachelor of Science) after their name.

Spotlight on Great Britain.

Read and discuss the following questions.

1. How do British schools differ from schools in your country?

2. Is it a good thing to leave home at the age of 18?

3. Many British people believe that if you do nothing more than study hard at university, you will have wasted a great opportunity. What do they mean and do you agree?

Discuss this point in groups of 3-5 students. Giving your opinion you may find the following expressions helpful:

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