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Упр. 270. Передайте наступні пропозиції в Passive Voice

  1. Audio "Passive Homes Save Energy, Money".
  2. B. Зробіть пропозиції негативними і питальними.
  3. C) Your partner is going to buy a computer. Give some tips to help him to buy the right type of computers. (Use Passives)
  4. Exercise 1. Insert the required tense (Passive Voice).
  5. Exercise 15. Open the brackets using correct tense form and voice.
  6. Exercise 4. Translate into English, using the Passive Voice where possible.

1. We asked him about his holidays. 2. They have already discussed the novel. 3. He did not give me his address. 4. She showed him the way to the metro station. 5. He will introduce me to his friends. 6. They are building a bridge over the river. 7. I have not yet translated the article. 8. We were looking at the man with great surprise. 9. You will speak about the film at the lesson. 10. The headmistress sent for the pupil's parents. 11. Has the secretary typed the letters? - No, she is typing them now.

Упр. 271. Передайте наступні пропозиції в Passive Voice.

1. We turn on the light when it is dark. 2. The students finished their translation in time. 3. Helen washed the dishes. 4. Betty often took her younger brother for a walk. 5. Mother has made some coffee. 6. Have you ironed your dress yet? 7. Nina mispronounced this word. 8. They have told her the truth. 9. She promised us an interesting entertainment. 10. One uses chalk for writing on the blackboard. 11. I shall finish my work about seven o'clock. 12. Somebody has opened the door. 1.3. The waitress brought in the coffee. 14. One of

my friends took me to the cinema last week. 15. We shall finish this work in time. 16. They built this house in 1960. 17. They were selling new children's books in that shop when I entered it yesterday. 18. A large group of young people joined us on our way to the station. 19. A young teacher started a school in this village. 20. They are translating this article now. 21. Galsworthy wrote "The Forsyte Saga." 21. Thousands of people attended this meeting. 22. He has just interrupted me. 23. The teacher has explained it to us.

Упр. 272. Передайте наступні пропозиції в Passive Voice.

1. They did not invite her to the party. 2. I did not leave the window open. 3. They did not turn off the light. 4. I have invited some friends to tea 5. She has given me an English book. 6. Have you written the letter yet? 7. They have told us a lot про S interesting things. 8. The students have written the test-paper without mistakes. 9. The children have scattered about a lot of things. 10. The girl has put all the books into the bookcase. 11. Snov, will cover the fields in winter. 12. They will hand in the homework tomorrow. 13. I do not think we shall finish all the preparations today. 14. She al ways invites me to her dinner parties. 15. Shot showed me the dress which her daughter had made,

16. We discussed the matter some days ago.

17. Someone wants you on the phone. 18. She found my book on the window-sill. 19. They have built excellent shelters for tourists in these mountains. 20. Have you given the exercises to all the students? 21. The boy was angry because his mother did not allow him to go to the stadium. 22. Why have you put my books on this table?

Упр. 273. Передайте наступні пропозиції в Passive Voice.

1. We received this letter after his departure. 2. Have dogs ever attacked you? 3. Bees gather honey from flowers. 4. The storm drove the ship against a rock. 5. Who discovered the circulation of blood? 6. They are selling delicious fruit ice cream there now. 7. The old man showed us the way out of the wood. 8. They offered her some interesting work. 9. The doctor prescribed her new medicine. 10. They often speak about him. 11. Everybody laughed at this funny animal. 12. We have been looking for you the whole morning. 13. We shall insist on strict discipline. 14. They teach three foreign languages ??at this school.

Упр. 274. Передайте наступні пропозиції в Active Voice.

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