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Exercise 76. Use the proper article paying attention to abstract nouns

  1. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  2. Abstract writing guidelines
  3. Article 13.
  4. Article 30.
  5. Article 8.

1. I think there can be tittle question but that I can give him better life... With me he can swim and sail, and live fine outdoor life in a year-round good climate. 2. There is time to speak and time to be silent 3. While there is life there is hope! And there is life still! 4. We're all to enjoy life. 5. He had no illusions about leading calendar-picture life with his father. 6. Presence of that charming girl brought life to great, stately house. 7. I should imagine you could have very happy life with her. 8. He actually dares to have life of his own! 9. Room was full of yellow evening light and its three tall windows were wide open on to garden. 10. There's good working light now," he said, watching his shadow placidly. 11. As he entered, Мог blinked at bright light within. 12. All of a sudden light shone from Winslow's room. 13. Light was burning in the newspaper office, and under it frail figure sat hunched over typewriter. 14. She had come back like animal wounded to death. 15. He was glad to crush them at once - as we hasten a funeral after death. 16. Was he assisting at death of his romantic longing? 17. It would be impossible to get permission while he was still in Army. 18. I wrote him asking permission to use his place. 19. I have asked and been granted permission to call Miss Fellowes by her Christian name. 20. With permission of Madden, he took the little car and sped towards Eldorado. 21. He also asks me to say that unfortunately he must withdraw permission he gave you in his letter. 22. During that moment Miss Pembroke told lie, and made Rickie believe it was truth. 21 There is usually grain of truth in what people are saying.

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