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Exercise S3. Use the proper article

  1. A) Study the definitions of the words with similar meanings and think about their proper Russian equivalents.
  2. B) Discuss the content of the article.
  3. Complete each of these sentences with the appropriate form of a word partnership from Exercise 4
  4. Complete the sentences with the proper modal verb.
  5. Complete this extract from a company report with appropriate words or phrases from Exercise 1.
  7. Exercise 1

I. One fine afternoon I was sitting in my study in small town
on west coast of England.

It was five o'clock in afternoon. I had finished my work for day and was resting quietly in my armchair, thinking of days that had gone by, especially of happy days that I spent among coral islands of Pacific Six years had passed since day of my return to England!

Where were my dear comrades Jack Martin and Peter Gay now?

II. We had lost sight of each other soon after our return to
England, and I had not heard of my friends during those six years.

My thoughts were interrupted by knocking at door. It was my landlady.

III. "Visitor to see you, Mr. Ralph," she said in mysterious
voice. "He doesn't want to give his name. Maybe he is - ". But be
fore old woman could finish her sentence quick step was heard on
stairs and stranger burst into room.

IV. He was small man with bright blue eyes and sunburnt face.
"Your name is Ralph Rover and you were twenty-two yester
day," cried my strange visitor without any other greeting.

V. "Yesterday was my birthday and I am twenty-two," I ex
claimed in surprise. "But may I ask you how you know all about
me when I know nothing about you."

"Several years ago you lived for some time on one of coral islands of Pacific," stranger went on, "and there you knew boy whose name was - "

"Peter Gay, Pete, dear Pete!" I cried springing up from my chair and rushing into arms of my old friend. (After Ballantyne)

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