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Exercise 44. Comment on the articles in the "of-phrases"

  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. B) Comment on the fragments above.
  4. C) Comment on the character of the landlady. Prove your statement.
  5. Comment on the meaning of the modal verbs and translate the sentences into Russian;

1. Why, I wouldn't say anything about it, even if I fell off the top of the house. 2. The crisis of the disease was safely past. He belonged to the world again. 3. They had been walking slowly over to the corner of the play-ground, where a church of no particular coloured stone was to be seen of the far sight of the road. The sight of it depressed Jenny. 4. He then took the arm of the First Lady. 5. Do you want me to tell the Director what the outline of the subject would be? 6. He shouted to an invisible woman in the back of the store to keep an eye on the cash register. 7. A wave of sympathy passed over him, for there was a great appeal in her personality. 8. A group of people rose from the lounge slats and made their way thankfully across the hall. 9. She noticed a trace of irritation in his voice. 10. Sitting with her arms locked round her knees, Jan felt a trickle of fear. 11. There must be a sense of loss, a feeling of the final parting with youth. 12. A conversation with him always stimulated a fresh flow of thought. 13. I had managed to swallow a piece of cheese but it felt like eating soup. 14. I ladled out a portion of salmon and we fell into pleasant conversation.

15. A crowd of well-wishers had already gathered outside the house.

16. He is the sort of man we want round the backwaters. 17. There was a sort of kindness in him, a sort of gentleness. 18. My sister is a sort of ping-pong ball.

Exercise 45.Insert articles where necessary paying particular attention to the use of articles In "of-phrases".

1. I was out and it was ... clear moonlit night, and I happened to look up and suddenly I saw this tremendous tall person running along ... crest of ... hill. 2. He dived into ... pocket and pulled out ...

handful of ... coins. 3. She looked just like ... big handsome sweet contented woman, ... efficient wife of ... well-known charmer. 4. We stopped outside ... illuminated window of ... shoe shop. 5. After ... while m. weeping subsided into ... series of ... long sighing sobs. 6. About half-way to ... gate ... sense of something behind me made me turn round. 7. She had ... manner of ... school-girl called to ... principal's office for disciplinary action. 8. He was befriended by Lady Anna Fitzwarren, ... daughter of ... duke and ... widow of ... distinguished statesman. 9. He was ... son of ... solicitor in ... Midlands town, who had gone bankrupt when Jasper was half-way through his schooling at ... grammar school. 10. As he paused in front of ... mahogany door he no longer felt ... thrill of pride at ... sight of ... gold letters that proclaimed his function in ... world. 11. .Vernon was permitted ... use of ... adjoining chamber for meeting with his client. 12. ... hour later she stood before ... easel over which he had thrown ... rough piece of ... cloth. 13. ... morning sun had turned ... harbour to ... pool of ... shimmering light. 14. Across ... river were ... broken walls of ... old houses that were being torn down. IS. They reached ... theatre two minutes before ... curtain rose and as Julia appeared there was ... burst of clapping from ... audience. 16. His red hair was nice, but his pale lashes gave his face ... sort of ... empty look. 17. She attempted to smile back, but ... sudden stab of ... pain closed her eyes and made her arch back against ... seat.

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