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Sochi - Russia's southern sea gate

Sochi will return its status as Russia's southern sea gate. After the reconstruction, the port of Sochi can handle over 4,500 passengers a day. The modernization of infrastructure is being carried out as part of preparations for the 2014 Olympic Games.

Until recently, there has been no cargo port as such in Sochi. There is a terminal in the Imeriti Bay but it was expected to be used temporarily in the course of the Olympic construction work. At present, plans have changed. The terminal is being turned into a contemporary infrastructure and docks for yachts are being built nearby. Another sector of the cargo port will be built at the estuary of the River Msympta.

This is a grandiose project under which the cargo and passenger port in Sochi will be turned into an International Centre for Marine and Cruise Transport. Moreover, eight passenger terminals will join the entire Great Sochi from the Lazarevesky district to Imeriti lowland.

The work will be carried out in several stages, says director of the "Rosmorport" enterprise's subdivision in Sochi, Vasily Bogoslovsky.

"The first stage includes work on coastal protection. The second stage is the construction of eight passenger terminals, which will cost 860 million rubles. Over 6 million rubles have already been spent on the construction of the Imeriti port, which is a large facility, "Vasily Bogoslovsky said.

The expansion of the port's territory makes it possible to receive ships up to 315 meter-length with a capacity of 3,000 passengers. Each summer, up to 35 ships of various classes will sail to the port. Shopping centres, hotels, cafes and restaurants will appear along the coast. All this work will be completed by 2013.

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