Give a literary translation of 1, 2, 8

  1. A Close Translation
  2. Choose suitable translation of English words from Russian ones. Compose sentences with them on the topic of the text
  3. Choose the right translation of the word-combinations given.
  4. Choose the right translation of the word-combinations given.
  5. Choose the right translation of the word-combinations given.
  6. Exercise 2 d), which is for translation from Ukrainian into English, may be found in the Supplementary (at the end of the book).
  7. Exercise 20. Translate into Ukrainian. Pay attention to the translation of Gerunds.

8 You misheard the information. Make it more exact, putting questions:

Example: A: This art can be traced back to the period just before the reign of Justinian.

B: To what period can this art be traced back?

1. This style influenced both the East and the West.

2. The Byzantine style still survives among Greek and Orthodox communities.

3. The church of Holy Wisdom is the supreme example of this style.

4. The Byzantine style influenced the arts of Russia.

5. The basilica and centralized church were the main types of Byzantine architecture.

9 Match the beginnings of the sentences to their ends using the information from the text:

1.The art characteristic of the developed Byzantine Empire ... a. the qualities of both types was the church of the Holy Wisdom
2. The chief examples of the circular type are the churches of ... b. hat is central domed space with four-short square arms
3. The outstanding examples of building combined ... c. SS Sergius and Bachus and San Vitaly
4. The Byzantine churches followed the plan of a Greek cross ... d. became almost universal
5. This form of church ... e. can be traced back to c. AD 500

What is your impression of the information given in the text? Express your ideas in 3-4 sentences.

In a paragraph of 70-100 words, and using your own words, as far as possible, summarize what the text tells us about and early Christian and Byzantine architecture.

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