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Audio "Passive Homes Save Energy, Money"

  1. Audio "Woodworking Information - Different Types of Wood".

a) Listen to the information twice and do the assignments below (1-10):

1. What does energy mean?

a) usable power that comes from heat or electricity

b) the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things

2. What does efficient mean?

a) able to do something without wasting materials, time, or energy

b) able to do something with a lot of hard work

c) not able to do something

3. What does "specialized" mean?

a) unable to be used

b) made or used for many different purposes

c) made or used for one particular purpose

4. Look at the title "Passive' Homes Save Energy, Money". What is this article about?

a) an old kind of home that is worse

b) a new kind of home that is better

c) a new kind of home that is worse

5. What two things use the most energy in American homes?

6. Read the following sentence. Is it true or false? If it is false, correct the mistake:

"It is very difficult to decrease the use of energy in homes today".

7. What does David Peabody do?

8. What is the aim of a passive home?

9. Does a passive home have to look different from a regular home? What does David Peabody say about the way a passive home can look?

10. What are some examples of specialized materials that are used in passive homes?

B) Use the information about passive homes from the article you've listened to describe your dream passive home. What materials does it use? How efficient is it? Write 5-8 sentences explaining your answer.


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