Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors, and in 90% of U.S. offices the number one1)___ is lack of outdoor air. The EPA estimates that poor indoor air quality results in $60 billion per year in 2)___expenses. But indoor air quality can be improved by using materials that emit few or no toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resist 3)___thereby inhibiting the growth of biological like mold, and adding systems, equipment and products that identify indoor air 4)___or enhance air quality.

Nanotechnology is contributing to indoor air quality on all of these fronts. Samsung Electronics, for example, has 5)___ its new Nano e-HEPA (for electric High Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filtration system. The system sifts the air to filter particles, 6)___ undesirable odors, and kill 7)___ health threats. It uses a metal 8)___filter that has been coated with 8-nanometer silver particles. The Kitasato research center of environmental sciences in Japan found the nanofilter killed 99.7% of 9 ___viruses. Up to 98% of odors were eliminated, and another 10)___eliminated all noxious VOC fumes from paint, varnishes and adhesives.

moisture, launched, airborne, complaint, nanofilter, influenza, dust, medical, eliminate, pollutants

11 Fill in the gaps in the following passage with a suitable preposition given below:

  95   96   97   98   99   100   101   102   103   104   105   106   107   108   109   110   Наступна

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