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News 89

Police in Moscow a man who an which millions of Russians . The man Sergey Mavrodi, who the MMM Investment Fund, since 1998. He used television millions of Russians to in his MMM scheme, which in 1994. Analysts it was a in which no and old were new money.

(BBC February, 2003)

News 90

Three in the United States Columbia which on Saturday its . The US government an commission. The American NASA and the US Congress . Police and NASA staff are searching for debris three American States including Texas above which Columbia . From there D.W. reports.

officials more than a thousand calls . have including three large . that officials an and several . The is and with . some of the the area .

(BBC February, 2003)

News 91

said the first was in the , which on -. said it until the of the . The Russian help the of the Columbia . They also said that the of a Russian to the international space station would today .

America , countries around the world their . Our Washington correspondent J.W. has more details.

The President from of world leaders including the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the French President Jacques Chirac, and Russia's Vladimir Putin. The of shock in America by about what . at the moment on a of an that Columbia's left wing the launch in January. The the orbited . Some reports that on the left wing were a problem during -.

(BBC February, 2003)

News 92

Iraq says it later today the the United Nations by the American Secretary of State Colin Powell. Mr. Powell said Iraq and produced a of to his including and . The Iraqi was . In Baghdad a President Saddam Hussein general A.H. said the for in order to an aggression on Iraq. Iraqi UN M Al D. said the American the idea of war or . Elsewhere a reaction to the American . Britain strong but other members of the Security Council said the inspectors more time. Syria when territory.

(BBC February, 2003)

News 93

Some European Germany and France the of a new war. Meanwhile US yet another southern Iraq. They say this time including Iraqi civilians areas . The also have to the Iraqi people or their .

(VOA February, 2003)

News 94

says it any in the - with North Korea the nuclear weapons program. S.S. reports that the North that administration a .

Mr. Fleischer says Washington and those North Korea's actions peaceful .

North Korean officials say any attacks its . The comes announced it the nuclear power plant that the Bush administration to help build nuclear weapons. Mr. Fleischer says North Korea's actions its people and a people and .

North Korea that a - the United States if US in . The Bush administration says in the matter.

(VOA February, 2003)

News 95

In Africa 30 million people or food . The crisis in Zimbabwe concern. 7.2 million Zimbabweans, population, serious food and of . by poor , Zimbabwe's crisis from the and actions of the government of Zimbabwe. Political and economic have agricultural production and Zimbabwe's economy. great human , Zimbabwean officials often of government for political and personal . Other African nations serious food include , , , , and . 14 million people . A - hunger continues in and .

The United States is the largest of , over 60% of the to the United Nations World Food Programs' . The US 40% of the to the programs Emergency for Africa . President George W. Bush more that one billion dollars year to meet food . Mr. Bush a - to immediate to regions facing .

Money from the fund to food or to . President Bush, we will friends the world to funds and our resources to the most help to . the United States and other , a severe hunger crisis in Africa . But food will continue. As President Bush said, " to fight diseases and hunger people in many nations . Millions are facing rare infliction. But they will not ."

(VOA February, 2003)

News 96

United Nations Kofi Annan the United States against Baghdad action UN would have and .

In an address the 310th of William and Mary College in the US Mr. Annan that against should only .

(VOA February, 2003)

News 97

Saturday in Rome said to war in Iraq. His was made by , who has said that war for . S.C.F. has the story.

The Pope said and at present and that humanity by and . He that the world to a war. He stressed that humanity of war. He take the that to peace, and . The Pope's a peace group, the Roman of Santa J, its to peace in African nations.

(VOA February, 2003)

News 98

And New York, where the city is possible terrorist attacks, correspondent J.B. there .

New York City a high since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. But Washington the national to , police in New York City their : bridges and , the and other - areas. New York City Michael Bloomberg told reporters that no , the the World Trade Center that New York City is a .

As we so on September, 11, New York's of the world and its the of American always a for those our . My today to the of the city of New York is : go your you , and we everything to you. the to the and , the terrorists will .

(VOA February, 2003)

News 99

of Mohammad Khatami the of of in the country for the first time. He says it's and use it Iran's . on state television, President Khatami said successfully from two , and Iran to nuclear energy .

(BBC February, 2003)

News 100

A in southern China the United States- Wang Bingzhang after him Taiwan and a terrorist group. The , one of the to any in recent years, is the of . From Shanghai F.M. reports.

Wang, he 55, Taiwan since and and a terrorist group. China says he and two other by Chinese police , who them in a in G. Viet-Nam. But - activists, the as and , say Chinese them in Viet-Nam, where to Chinese activists. Mr. Wang's when Chines government the unrest as it the difficult the country's state industry.

(BBC February, 2003)

News 101

A has in progress on to the of without the . Our science correspondent A.L. has more details.

With an HIV many , scientists to develop to the of the , particularly women. , which should be into , or could be used by women before , so the which is often . They work to stop the from near the it and body's . A team of scientists from the US and UK a which a human in the of monkeys. The protected the from with HIV for more than seven hours.

(BBC February, 2003)

News 102

The in Congo () say they the the death of 38 people in the north of the country. Congolese authorities say they that the virus, which detected in in the region, . about , which its to from .

(BBC February, 2003)

News 103

The President of an in the after his to the 2/3 majority needed to him . The President Luis Gonzalez Macchi of about 60 million dollars . He a friend to work for the . Mr. Gonzalez Macchi any .

(BBC February, 2003)

News 104

Dolly , the first to from an has died.

The from the Scottish which her 6 years ago said she after a that she .

Dolly's for the of hundreds of , , , , and . And are now to in humans and , , and many .

(BBC February, 2003)

News 105

Police the fire which 130 people on a say 6 will be . They say will next week the last Tuesday at the in the city of Daegu.

man with a of already for the fire.

(BBC February, 2003)

News 106

A in 3 for 10 years after them in an Al-Qaeda against Western . were last May and of to a the from Morocco into the to American and British . that to Afghanistan but they any .

(BBC February, 2003)


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