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Task 1. Looking through want ads is one of the ways to find a job. Look at this job ad (informal)/ advertisement (formal) for the IT (Information Technology) industry.



Up to £30k2 basic3

Money motivated, eager, looking to work in a dynamic, fast-moving Industry?

We are looking for ambitious, dynamic sales professionals with the talent and drive4to develop a rewarding5career within the IT industry. You will work in close-knit6teams, maintaining and developing relationships with a diverse7range of clients.

Ideally you will possess some previous IT sales experience8and a good knowledge of computers. Most importantly you will have a strong desire to succeed.

If you fit this description9and are seeking alucrative10career in IT sales then call Claire Walden or Graham Keen on 01960 479 6021.

1 people determined to succeed and achieve great things

2 thirty thousand pounds

3 guaranteed minimum salary without overtime or bonuses

4 strong motivation

5 giving you a lot back

6 working in a close relationship

7 of different types

8 experience selling things

9 have these qualities

10 producing a lot of money

The text has some words with similar meanings in connection with work; learn them in pairs:

motivated and eager (person) dynamic and fast moving (industry/profession)

to seek a career in ... and to look to work in ... (note look to, meaning consider or hope,

not look for).

Task 2. Make these rather informal sentences more formal by using words and phrases from Task 1.

  1. Do you often look at the job ads?
  2. I haven't worked in sales before.
  3. There's a lot of money in selling computers. I made 70k last year.
  4. We sell quite a mixed range of products.
  5. I thought I would apply for the job since it sounded just like me.

Task 3. Find expressions in Task 1 which mean the opposite of the underlined words or phrases.

  1. a very loosely organised team
  2. a very frustrating job
  3. to have low motivation
  4. a rather static and slow-moving profession

Task 4. Read the job advertisement and answer the questions.

  1. Why does 'a career' sound better than 'a job'?
  2. What are 'ambiguous' situations?
  3. What expression means 'not depending on other people'?
  4. What is the abstract noun that means 'your ability to find clever or imaginative ways of doing things'?
  5. What mental quality do you need for this job?
  6. What job do you think this advertisement is for?



Task 1. When a firm wants to fill a vacancy, it will go through certain procedures to find a suitable employee. This is called a 'selection process'. The following text describes a typical selection process, but the sentences are in the wrong order. Re-arrange the sentences so that the whole text makes sense. The first sentence has been done for you.


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