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Task 1. Discuss the following questions with your group:

· What ways of job hunting are familiar to you?

· Have you ever tried to find a job? Describe the steps you took. Was it easy to land a job?

Task 2. Look at the headlines of the article in Task 4 and guess whether these sentences are true (T) or false (F):

1. Over half of all employees get their jobs through networking. T/F
2. Classified ads often give all important information about the job opening. T/F
3. To assess your occupational aptitudes and interests and prepare for a career, you may turn to the Internet resources. T/F
4. It pays to contact the employer even if there are no positions available because they may put you in contact with other people who might hire you. T/F
5. "No experience necessary" ads are very attractive and signal of an easy way to get a job of your dream. T/F
6. The Internet is an invaluable resource for those who are searching for a job. T/F
7. It's enough to rely only on classified ads to find a job. T/F
8. Answer the ads promptly and you will be successful in your job-hunting. T/F

Task 3. Match the following synonyms from the article in Task 4:

1. job opening a) free
2. classified ads b) curriculum vitae
3. coworkers c) around the country
4. resumé d) message board
5. forum e) a position available
6. at no cost f) colleagues
7. found nationwide g) want-ads

Task 4. Read the article and check your answers in Tasks 2 and 3. Then translate the text in a written form.


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