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Unsocial hours; late shift; take a break; set up a business; bed and breakfast

a. Vet b.Farmer c. Police officer d. Shopkeeper e. Waiter f. Writer g.TV presenter h.Journalist 1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________

Listen again to the six recordings. Decide what each person is talking about.

  1. working at night
  2. working in a family business
  3. working with holidaymakers
  4. working with famous people
  5. working alone
  6. working with money
  7. working for a bank
  8. working outside
1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________ 7. __________

Task 4.What's my job? Guessing game.

Pick up any job you find attractive from the list below. Think what aspects can be connected with the job you have picked. Answer the questions to your partner without telling what job you have chosen. See if he/she can guess the job. Go on with several more jobs.

  1. police officer
  2. nurse
  3. farmer
  4. shopkeeper
  5. scientist
  6. artist
  7. dressmaker
  8. civil engineer
  9. accountant
  10. singer
  1. cook
  2. secretary
  3. driver
  4. president
  5. receptionist
  6. chiropodist
  7. fishmonger
  8. actor
  9. teacher
  10. manager
  1. gardener
  2. musician
  3. writer
  4. chemist
  5. social worker
  6. surgeon
  7. newsagent
  8. housewife
  9. baker
  10. pilot

Questions for those guessing:

Do you work indoors or outdoors? / in a trade or profession? / in a factory or in an office? Do you work with your hands? Do you wear a uniform? Do you work long hours? Do you work from 9 to 5? Do you work regular hours? Do you work at weekends? Do you work with people or machines? Are you in a service industry? Do you sell something? Must you have good qualifications to do your job?

Think of more questions of the same type to ask your partner.

Task 5.Which of the job-titles given above would best fit the following description?

  1. The person who represents the workers' interests in disputes with the management in a factory.
  2. A person who has a high (but not the highest) position in a company and whose job is to make important decisions.
  3. An important person in a company who sits on the board.
  4. A worker whose job requires no special training, for example, an office cleaner.
  5. A person generally in charge of the day-to-day organisation of a company/department.
  6. The person who makes sure there are no risks of accidents from machinery, etc.
  7. A person whose job is to keep an eye on the day-to-day work of other workers.
  8. A person who does hard physical work.
  9. The person who handles applications for vacant posts.
  10. The person who gives out information to the press for a company.
  11. The person who makes sure all the doors and windows have good locks on them.

12. The person you first speak to when you arrive at a company as a visitor.

Task 6.Using the expressions given above, say what you think has happened / is happening.

Example: I'm not working now; the baby's due in 3 weeks. - She is on maternity leave.

  1. I lost my job. They had to make cutbacks.
  2. He's enjoying life on a pension, although he's only 58.
  3. One week it's six-to-two, the next it's nights.
  4. They've made her General Manager as from next month!
  5. I was late so often, I lost my job.
  6. I get in at nine o'clock and go home at five.

7. Your trouble is you are obsessed with work!

Task 7.Fill in the collocations.

I'd love to (1) __________a job in journalism, but it's not easy without qualifications. Since I have to earn a (2) __________somehow, I'll have to get (3) __________wherever I can find it. I've been (4) __________some part-time work editing a typescript for a book, but I'm not sure I want to (5) __________ it __________ .

Task 8.Talking about jobs.

Fill the gaps with the words and phrases from the box. The meaning of the missing word or phrase is in brackets.

temporary part-time steady quit holding down out of applied for get

1. After all, it was the first _________ job I'd ever had. (regular)

  1. But I didn't listen - I thought I would _________ a new job easily. (find)
  2. I've always had problems _________ a job. (keeping)
  3. So everybody told me not to _________ my job. (leave)
  4. Or maybe I can find a _________ job. (not permanent)
  5. I've _________ over thirty jobs, but with no success. (write to ask for)
  6. I've now been _________ a job for over three months. (unemployed)
  7. Perhaps I'll just have to accept a _________ job. (not full-time)

Now put the sentence parts above into an order that makes sense.



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