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The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine is a part of the law-enforcement system of Ukraine. It composes a centralized system of organs united by common tasks, functions, principles of organization and activity. The head of this system is the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. He is appointed to the post for a five-year term by the President of Ukraine. But Verhovna Rada must approve this appointment. His resignation from the office may be made either by the President of Ukraine or by Verhovna Rada as a result of a vote of no confidence.

Units of the Prosecutor's Office are created and function according to the administrative and territorial principle and their specialization.

The Prosecutor's Office activity is directed at comprehensive consolidation of the rule of law and keeping law and order. Its task is to protect various public and personal values by preventing any offence. While fighting crime the Prosecutor's Office also defends the foundations of our state and society: democratic order, sovereignty, independence, humanity, law and order and so on.

In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine the Prosecutor's Office is entrusted with the following functions:

1) supervision of the observance of laws by agencies conducting detective and search activity, inquiry and preliminary investigation;

2) supervision of the observance of laws while executing court decisions on criminal cases and applying other enforcement measures as for the restriction of personal liberty of citizens;

3) upholding prosecution in court on behalf of the state ;

4)representation of the interests of the State and its citizen in cases fixed by the law.

5) supervision of the observance of personal rights and freedoms, observance of laws relating to these problems by executive bodies their officials and office workers

Activity of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine is based on principles of unanimity and centralization, independence, publicity, equal defense of rights and freedoms of citizens, priority of rights of an individual, legality and the rule of law.

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