EX 3. : PastSimplePastContinuous. 䳺 .

1. Every day James travels to London. Yesterday he drive[D2] (drive - drove) his car, when he was seeing[D3] (see-saw) a dog in the middle of the road.

2. The dog was watching(Watch) the car.

3. James stopped(Stop) and got out(Get - got) out of his car.

4. As he was getting(Get) out, the dog ran(Run - ran) away.

5. James went(Go) back to his car.

6. While he was getting(Get) in the car, the dog appeared(Appear - appeared) again and sat(Sit - sat) down in the middle of the road.

7. James jumped(Jump) out of the car and shouted(Shout - shouted) at the dog.

8. The dog barked(Bark - barked) at him and started(Start) running away.

9. James followed(Follow) thedog.

10. Suddenly, he saw(See) two girls lying on the grass. Theywere bleeding(Bleed - bled).

Ex 4. 䳺 : PastSimple PastContinuous.

1. While Tom was playing(Play) the piano, his mother did(Do) the washing-up.

2. He drinked[D4] (drink) some juice and then he eat(Eat) a few chips.

3. When my father was working(Work) in the garden, an old friend came(Come) to see him.

4. She went(Go) to school, took(Take) out her textbook and started(Start) to learn.

5. When it was starting[D5] (start) to rain, our dog wanted(Want) to come inside.

6. When I was(Be) on my way home, I saw(See) an accident.

7. I did not understand(Not / understand) what they talked[D6] (talk) about.

Future Simple Future Continuous

Future Simple Future Continuous
Tomorrow Next Monday ..., next week, next month ? at 5 o'clock tomorrow? from 5 to 6 tomorrow

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